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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 25,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

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Happy New Year from ccwedblog

Wishing you the best in 2013 


{Tuesday Tip} Taking Time Off

As most of you know planning a wedding takes time, a lot of time.

That is probably why the average engagement is around a year long.

With all the planning and time it takes to put together a wedding some say it can feel like a full time job. From booking a venue, to picking the perfect  flowers, even all those little details like place cards and seating chart and tieing bows on favors can really add up.

So before you get over welmed remember to enjoy this time and


from planning and relax!

We all know weddings can be expensive so find something inexpensive or even FREE to do with your Fiance and just enjoy some time together with the one you love.

Go for walk 

Spend the afternoon at the beach 

Watch a movie 

Or just plan hold hands. 

Find some much needed time to relax even if it means scheduleing it in in your almost full calnder.

Remember why you are planning this amazing wedding in the first place.  Set aside some time, put your wedding planning on hold to relax and spend time with the one you love.

Don’t worry your wedding planning will be right where you left it when you pick it back up.

We are going to lead by example here at ccwedblog we have scheduled some much needed time off.

We will be taking a week off ! 

See you all after Christmas

So enjoy your holidays and we will be back next week and starting 2013 off with lots of wedding posts.

Be Marry, 

C & C

{Tuesday Tip} Vendor Meals

Today’s tip is something that can either save you money or cost you extra if you don’t plan accordingly.

Many brides ask if they should  supply a meal for vendors and my rule of thumb is if the vendor is staying for more than 3 hours and will be present during the entire dinner service time you should consider having a meal for them.



With vendors we always recommend to keep them happy and think about their needs as well because a happy vendor will work better and be more pleasant to work with, making the day more enjoyable for everyone. Think about it if you are a vendor and are going to be working 9+ hours you are going to need to take a least a few breaks and eat something  during day.


Decorated Buffet Table 

It can vary so it is best to ask each vendor if they would like a meal because some vendors may eat before hand or plan breaks and meals themselves. If they would like a meal supplied the next step is going to your reception location or catering company and ask if they have special vendor meals or options. A DJ or photographer who may be scarfing down a meal between grand entrance and toasts doesn’t need prime rib and fancy twice baked potatoes, it might be nice to serve them the same as your guests but if it is going to cost you upwards of $60.oo each ask  your cater about different options and by planning ahead many caters may throw in a vendor meal or two if you are having a buffet or can plan a lower cost menu option for vendors. Remember to plan ahead because you don’t want to have to buy them that $60+ a plate meal and fork over the payment the day of your wedding if you don’t plan ahead.

Be Marry, 

C & C 

{Tuesday Tip} Holidays

We had had a LOT of people ask about “holiday weddings” so we are re-posting the highlights of our blog post from last years post:

Holidays and How They Effect Your Wedding.



Many couples love planning exciting, holiday themed weddings, however they neglect the ways it may alter their guests plans and wallets.

A perfect example would be a wedding scheduled to take place close to Thanksgiving. Many couples think they are doing their guests a favor by having it around the start of the holiday season. However, what they neglect to factor in is the amount of time their family will be spending with them during the holiday and the final stressful days of planning. If you do have family and friends flying in during the holiday season do be aware of the peak pricing for travel and hotel expenses. Do set aside quality, non-wedding time to spend with your family members, show them around the town, and partake in fun activities that will provide lasting memories.

Earlier we discussed a few problems that may arise when setting a date near Thanksgiving, but there is an upside to a late November date. Consider a  wedding the weekend after Thanksgiving,  hotels offer lowered off-season pricing and catering/banquet halls offer flexible starting and ending times because demand for those dates are not as popular when clients have shopping and the pending holiday, Christmas on their mind.

If you are getting married around Christmas your reception venue may get into the spirit of the holiday and have lighting surrounding the facility. Case in point, Riverside’s Mission Inn or Menifee Lakes Country Club.

Lighting will be one less thing to factor into the budget and you won’t have to worry about assembling it or taking it down. Plus you can embrace the winter wonderland experience by utilizing your venue’s warm and cozy fireplace, the seasons vibrant red and greens hues, the vast amount of Poinsettias to create a winter bouquet, take inspiration from candy canes and use their red and white color scheme, give gingerbread cookies decorated in icing similar to the bride and groom’s attire as favors to guests, or use them as a late night snack for guests to munch on with hot cocoa or a glass of milk to leave them with visions of your wedding dancing in their heads.

Holidays and the traditions that make them memorable, offer plenty of inspiring ideas you can use for your wedding day. However, regardless if you have a date near a holiday or not, your wedding will have the same celebrated, unique, traditions that the bride and groom can share on their holiday, their anniversary. And to that we say. . .

Be Marry,


{Real Wedding Review} Camille & Paul Sneak Peak

Camille & Paul were married in the courtyard at Menifee Lakes Country Club

in a stunning day time ceremony on Saturday October 20, 2012.


  Here are a few amazing photos from the wedding.


Camille had stunning teal heals and a sweet message on the bottom. We love all the personal touches.254251_4337655293779_893321592_n

Christa was so helpful with answering all my questions, and definitely made the wedding planning process less stressful for us. We had a morning ceremony, followed by a brunch reception with close to 180 guests. I was a little skeptical having a daytime wedding, but everything couldn’t have turned out more perfect. The weather was gloomy that morning, with a little drizzle, but Christa made everything turn out great. She is a wonderful coordinator and I can’t thank her enough for her hard work. 
 Everything I could have ever dreamt of and more! 
Thank you!


Check out that adorable sign!

Congratulation Camille & Paul and thank you for the most amazing review we loved working with you.

Be Marry, 

C & C