{Wedding Story} Proffitt Wedding

Jamie and Brad Proffitt were married on October 9, 2011 and had a gorgeous, chic, intimate, ceremony and reception at Menifee Lakes Country Club. We featured their amazing wedding in our Real Decoration Feature and fell in love with the flowers Jamie created herself. You can view the Real Wedding Post here:


Mr. and Mrs. Proffitt have quickly become our picture perfect couple, quite literally. Their photos are featured on our bridal postcards, advertisements, and on our website. They have been so gracious to let us share their wedding photos and we know have the honor of sharing their personal wedding story. It brought tears to Christa’s eyes and goes to show that first, true love is real and can stand the test of time.

Once upon a time. . . 

How did you meet?

Brad and I met in the first grade, where we attended private school together. He had a huge crush on me then until he left in the third grade. Through the years we came in contact a few times, but really reconnected in October 2010 through a women’s Bible study class his mom, Debbie and I were in together. She tells everyone how she picked me for her son and prayed that Brad and would get together. As we now know her prayers are very powerful!

Describe the proposal.

We went to a resort in Palm Springs with some of our family members for my 32nd birthday. That Saturday, July 16th, as I was getting ready to go to dinner Brad took his two sons, Cylis and Colton, to his sister’s room then came back to get me for dinner. As we walked out of our room and down the stairs our family members were holding signs Brad’s sister Brianna had made that read, “Jamie, will you marry me?” The boy’s held a “u” and an “s” for “us”. Brad got down on one knee holding the ring and asked me. I said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Your Fairy tale Come True. . . 

What personal touches did you incorporate into your wedding?

The whole wedding was all about love and family. Family is the most important thing to both Brad and I, so it was very important that message came through as well as our love for each other and our two boys. Also, my grandfather and Brad’s uncle passed away several years ago and both men played a huge role in our lives growing up. I wanted to do something special in remembrance, so I made little tiny, photo frames with their pictures pinned with a ribbon for each family member to wear. Mine was on my bouquet and Brad’s on his boutonierre.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

There were so many memorable moments but I think everyone would agree that when I said my vows to Brad’s boys, Cylis and Colton there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I love them as my own and it was important that they know my promise is to them as well. They were so excited that we got “married”.

What menu did you choose?

We chose the Italian menu. Brad’s part Italian and it happens to be my favorite type of food.

Describe your cake.

We chose cupcakes! Since our wedding was all about family and there are a lot of little ones, we wanted something the kids would really enjoy. Just so happens that they looked fabulous on the cake tree I bought.

What flowers did you use?

I did all of the flowers myself with the help of my mom, sister, Brad’s sister, Brianna, and my best friends Kelly and Jenn. I was so excited with how they turned out. I wanted a very vibrant, romantic yet wild arrangement.

What was your something blue, borrowed, old, new?

I did not necessarily adhere to certain traditions.

Describe your shoes.

Sparkle! Sparkle! Sparkle! Everyone that knows me knows that I love sparkle.

What accessories did you wear?

Understated accessories. Pearls and sparkle to highlight the dress.

Describe your dress.

Lacy, fitted, vintage! I love, love, loved my dress! I felt very old Hollywood glamorous!

What were the highlights of the ceremony?

Again, my vows to the boys.

Did you have a theme for your ceremony or reception?

Vintage, old world glamour!

Your Happily Ever After . . .

We are so thankful to Menifee Lakes for helping us to have the perfect day. We are beyond flattered that you have chosen to use our photos for advertisements. Our intention was to have a small elegant, intimate wedding, but it was so much more. And the marriage and new family we have created together have been such a blessing.


{Tuesday Tip} Wedding Day Poses


How exactly do you pose for photos on your wedding day? They say to be yourself, but what if you freeze up and don’t know exactly what to do after you have a photographer following you throughout the day?


Ladies and gentleman, Martha Stewart has you covered. She has enlisted a few tid bits and ideas on how to loosen up in front of the camera. We have attached the link below, but wanted to share photos of are favorite ideas in action with photographs from Imagery Concepts, Tiana Marie, and Andrea’s Photography, all who have photographed weddings here




Our favorite ideas


Make your photos random.

You want to look like a real, interactive couple.



Get Moving.  When photographers photograph couples walking on the course it’s always makes for lovely photos.







Hold the bouquet with one hand.

This pose makes for a sassy, casual, photo. Not only does it show off your beautiful bouquet but you get a full, detailed, shot of your gown.




Be Marry, 


Thank you to all the Vendors and Brides

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all the vendors who made the Bridal Showcase such a success.

All Occasion Rentals



Andrea’s Photography



Bellezza Salon



Bo Cakes



First Class Travel


The Fotobox



Heaven Scent Flowers and Gifts



Imagery Concepts



Mary Kay Cosmetics

Ana Solomon (951) 210-4534


Pastor Charlie Thorn



Pesiri Photos



Reverend Judy DeMarco



San Diego Style Wedding Magazine


Sky Couture

(951) 698-9150


Sweet Creations by Judy



Sweet Layers



Tasteful Cakes




Erik Schultz



Travel by Cheryl

(951) 693-4702

VIP Events



Yaneth and Company


A huge thank you to all the Models for doing an amazing job showing off the dresses, accessories, and Tuxedos for the fashion Show.

A huge Thank you to all the future Brides and grooms for coming out to the Bridal Show.

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible and we will have a full post on the Bridal Showcase jam-packed with photos.  If we haven’t said it enough thank you, thank you, thank you!

Be Marry 


Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Over the last 24 days we have been trying to get everyone giddy with anticipation over Menifee Lakes Country Club’s 4th annual Bridal Showcase and tomorrow is the big day! It will be a day jam-packed with all things wedding. We will have cake samples, a photo box, florists, food and beverage samples from our in-house catering, wedding dresses and tuxes, make up and hair stylists, accessories, officiants, travel agencies, beautiful table displays, and we will have one of our ceremony locations set up.


We are excited to have our location transformed for the day for soon to be brides and grooms to meet vendors who are phenomenal at what they do. Enjoy the link below from last year’s showcase to get a taste of what you will see on Saturday.




We look forward to meeting and talking with you. Don’t forget to pick up your swag bag when you check in and we will see you on Saturday!



Countdown to the Bridal Showcase {Vendor Love} Andrea’s Photography

Today we want to share with you a visual display from Andrea’s Photography, a wonderful photographer that has worked with us for years.


Andrea from Andrea’s Photography will be at the Bridal Showcase this Saturday February 25th, 2012. If you would like more information you can reach her at:



{Tuesday Tip} Wedding Planning is a must



Wedding Planning Is A Must


Weddings are  big events in our lives and there is a lot of things to think about from hiring vendors, to picking the perfect location, to who gets an invite. Many people ask what is the first thing you should plan and prepare for your wedding. Well first, you should really think about who you are going to invite that way you can find a location that fits the size of your wedding party. You don’t want to fall in love with a great location that only fits 75 and then start your guest list and end up with 200 people you have to invite.

Next, you should find the venue for the big day.  It’s best to start early becasuse the venue may already be booked on the  day you want to get married  if you do not  reserve it early. So before picking the perfect date and time think about where and when.

After you have your venue locked in, you officially have a wedding date and you can start filling in all the rest of the amazing details for you wedding like your dress, fittings, and alterations.

Remember, a little planning can go a long way and planning ahead will pay off in the end and help you get one step closer to that amazing wedding of your dreams.



Be Marry 

C& C 

Countdown to the Bridal Showcase {Vendor Love} San Diego Style Weddings Magazine

About San Diego Style Weddings:
At SanDiegoStyleWeddings our goal is very simple: to bring brides and businesses together. Planning a wedding today can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. For the past 20 years Dena Nolen-Malasek has been passionate in helping Brides simplify this task. Our sponsors are some of the finest wedding professionals in San Diego and Temecula areas. They can provide helpful advice, useful tips and above all, expert service with the products you need to plan the perfect wedding. Ask lots of questions – you’ll find that our advertisers are here to help make the wedding planning process fun, enjoyable and more importantly the most memorable and special event in your life.

San Diego Style Weddings has  plenty of helpful tools on their website like the Wedding professional section for bride’s to find the perfect wedding vendors, a shows and events section where you can find upcoming bridal shows and events.

They also put each vendors ad from the magazine at the top of their vendor page incase you found them in the magazine and are looking online for more information. Here is our ad that graces the pages of San Diego Style Wedding Magazine and is at the top of our Vendor page online.



Each Bridal Show or event is listed in order by date so you don’t miss any upcoming local events.

Menifee Lakes Country Club
Saturday February 25, 2012
10 AM – 3 PM
Menifee Lakes Country Club
29875 Menifee Lakes Drive
Menifee, CA
Free Bridal Swag Bag
Free Admission
For more information call 951 672-4824 x115

San Diego Style Weddings has an amazing website and wedding magazine, and come on, what bride doesn’t like to flip through the pages of a great wedding magazine.

Here are a few images of past issues:





Stop by the Bridal Showcase  THIS Saturday February 25th and pick up  a  complimentary issue of  this month’s San Diego Style Wedding Magazine.