Happy New Year!

Here’s to 2012!


We can’t wait to see what the new year will bring. We are looking forward to posting new weddings, working with our 2012 brides and grooms, sharing future bridal adventures, and providing advice along the way. Have a safe and happy new year, and of course, be marry!


Christa and Christina


{Tuesday Tip} Postage Increase in 2012


Postage increase beginning  in January 


If you haven’t heard, there will be a postage increase on January 22, 2012.  If you plan to mail anything from save the dates, engagement party invites, or wedding invitations remember to consider the postage increase when mailing items out. If you are expecting response cards to be returned, don’t get caught with out enough postage or you can expect a giant stack of bright yellow ‘return to sender’ stickers stamped on your  beautifully addressed invitations.





The increase will affect everything being placed in your mailbox with postcards having the biggest price jump with a three cent increase. If you plan on ordering custom stamps do consider the price increase when you place your order.

You can also check out our post about personalized postage if you plan to order custom stamps for your invitations.



Here at ccwedblog we are not preparing to get married, but we are sending out a LOT of mail these days. We are planning our Annul Bridal Showcase  here at Menifee Lakes Country Club and are sending out stacks of postcards. We thought we would be smart and save money by sending  postcards this year to avoid the postage increase in January. Lucky for us we didn’t buy 2,000 postcard stamps because we plan on mailing 2,000 postcards before January 22, 2012 in order to receive that .28 cent postage.


Here are the facts straight from the United Postal Service regarding the postage increase:

Prices for most Postal Service mailing services will change on January 22, 2012.

■ Letters (1 oz.) – 1-cent increase to 45 cents.
■ Single-piece letters additional ounce rate – unchanged at 20 cents.
■ Postcards – 3-cent increase to 32 cents
■ Letters to Canada or Mexico (1 oz.) – 5-cent increase to 85 cents
■ Letters to other international destinations – 7-cent increase to $1.05

It is always a good idea to take the item you are going to mail to the post office to have it weighed in order to determine the correct postage amount. If you are unsure of the weight of the item, or the postage amount, it is better to be safe than sorry. Do make a short trip down to your local post office and be sure to get those invites out.

Be Marry, 


{Tuesday Tip} Musical Tables

Musical Tables



No, this is not a game that you play during your wedding reception, but  it is a way to improve upon plain, table numbers. We heard about this tip from one of our newly booked brides, Rose. She attended a large wedding and was impressed with how guests were released to the buffet line. Instead of having the DJ call individual table numbers, the bride and groom named each table after a favorite song that held meaning in their relationship. When it came time for tables to be dismissed the DJ would play each table’s designated song, dismissing the table for dinner. Not only did it alleviate the awkward pauses and loud announcements from the DJ, it made an impact on the guests. Thank you Rose for the inspiring Tip.


Be Marry,


Friday Find



Not only is this photo fitting for the chilly December weather, it is also quickly becoming a trend at weddings . We have seen quite a few silhouettes being given to guests as wedding favors and as guest book signature accompaniments. They are a throwback to old-fashioned portraits and they are one of a kind. We hope to see more of them. Enjoy!


Be Marry,


{Tuesday Tip} Unexpected plus one

How to prevent an unexpected plus one.

As you start receiving your RSVP’s you may notice you have quite a few plus ones you were not anticipating. It’s understandable why a guest may want to bring a date to a wedding, but if the plus ones are out numbering family attendance there is a polite way to narrow down the guest list. BRIDES magazine suggests sending a polite e-mail notifying guests that you would love to have them bring a date to celebrate with them, but due to space and budget limitations you cannot accommodate dates. Be sure to end the e-mail on a positive note and acknowledge how excited you are to have them attend.

Be Marry,