{Friday Find} Creative Coordinators

You found your perfect husband-to-be and are anxious to start planning your big day…but where the heck do you start??
A wedding coordinator can not only get you started, but can ensure you have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!!
Armed with more than 15 years of experience, the women behind Creative Coordinators, a new Southern California-based event-planning company, are passionate about delivering your perfect wedding at a price that fits into your budget. They will work with you to understand exactly how you envision your special day and then get busy making it happen!!
You choose the planner’s level of involvement. If you choose, they can manage your wedding day-of only by helping with decorating your venue and keeping your wedding day running smoothly. They can help you finalize all your details like confirming delivers, drop-offs and assist you with your final walk-thorugh and your rehearsal.  They can also take care of all details right from the start, including creating save-the-dates, invitations, coordinating your menu, helping you navigate top-quality vendors and making sure the big day goes off without a hitch! 
Regardless of how you choose to have Creative Coordinators  help you, they are always dedicated to making your wedding experience memorable, uniquely you and (best of all) more enjoyable for you and your groom!!!  
For more information or to request a consultation, visit Creative Coordinators at creativecoordinators.com or feel free to email info@creativecoordinators.com or give one of the lovely ladies at call at 951-850-2626 .
Feel free to check out Creative Coordinators on  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. 
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{ Tuesday Tip } First Slice of Cake

untitled-12Ask your bakery how to cut the first slice of cake.


Often  dowels and plates are placed between the layers of cake so they don’t slide or fall so it is always better to ask. It is also a good idea to ask about any decorations added to the cake as, and it is always better to cut around those if possible. For example this cake has a simple black ribbon added to it that give a fabulous contrast to the white cake. Well this bakery graciously placed the ribbon with the two ends meeting at the backside of the cake so the couple (or wedding coordinator) can pull the ribbon back a bit to cut the first piece and lift out a pice of cake with ease. No pulling or getting stuck on the ribbon or dragging it behind. Leaving you with a beautiful intact cake for photos and an easy to cut first piece of cake to share as husband of wife.

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C& C

{Friday Find} Venue Coordinator or Wedding Coordinator?

We stumbled across this fabulous article and have to agree it was spot on!  After doing both sides of it as well ( Venue Coordinator & Independent Wedding Coordinator) we agree the two jobs are very, very different!

Ask the Expert: Venue Coordinator or Wedding Planner?

by Genève McNally


Summerhill Pyramid Winery Photo by Kevin Trowbridge

“I’d like to set the record straight on a common wedding industry misconception. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about the difference between the job of a venue-appointed wedding coordinator and that of a professional wedding planner or wedding-day coordinator.

All too often, I hear from brides that they did not hire a wedding planner or coordinator because their venue came with one. This concerns me because the two professions are not one and the same. True, some of the tasks and services performed by each may overlap, but overall they are completely different roles and therefore offer a different type of service.

… It’s important to differentiate between the two roles, as venues may lead you to believe that the service they are offering should be used in lieu of hiring a professional planner or coordinator. However, you may actually be expecting something more hands on and complex in scope.

Check out the whole article, its a very informative read. 


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{ Tuesday Tip } Keep Facebook your friend


We have all seen it and even possible done it ourselves “over-sharing” on Facebook & social media.


When planning your wedding remember to be careful what you post, who you write about and where you share it. You don’t want to offend any family, friends, guests or vendors before, after or even during the wedding. I have heard horror stories of brides posting too much wedding date information on Facebook and people taking it as an invite and having multiple unexpected people show up at their wedding. Over sharing can not only hurt the person sharing the information, like the bride who invited all 300 of her Facebook friends in an overzelist post, it can hurt the person you are posting about if you are posting something negative or worse yet it could cost you money. Like the bride who invited every Facebook friend she had, well all those unexpected guests showed up and needed a place to site and to be feed so there was a hefty bill at the end of the night to cover all those extras. We know wedding planning can be stressful but try to be thoughtful and if you wouldn’t want to see the post about yourself online why write it about someone else.  Keep in mind all your Facebook friends can see the post and with the ever-changing privacy settings maybe even more so be selective with what you post.  We are not saying you can’t share exciting things like finding the perfect wedding dress, we are just recommending you don’t post a picture of you in that dress unless you are ok with the world seeing you in the dress before your wedding day. Remember that people can share your posts so a simple post to you closest 25 friends can be shared to all their friends and then their friends. We would recommend a photo of you outside the dress shop with a big grin or even a group shot with everyone who helped you come to this decision.  We love hearing about brides checking things off their wedding to-do lists, like choosing the colors for your wedding or finding the perfect shoes so keep those happy wedding posts coming just remember not to over share.  A good rule of thumb Facebook, and most social media for that matter is a fabulous place to connect with people you know and keep in contact with them but remember it’s not a diary. Enjoy your wedding planning from start to finish by being selective with what you post.

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{Tuesday Tip} Choose People you like

untitled-12So it may seem simple but many people forget about this when planning a wedding.

Don’t choose a vendor just because he or she is “the best” and defiantly don’t choose someone because they are the “cheapest.” It is your wedding and you should be comfortable and happy with the people helping you make this day happen. Talk with, meet with and make sure the vendors are a good fit.  If you feel comfortable with the vendor like you are hanging out and chatting with an old friend rather than interviewing them then this is a sure sign they will be a good fit for your wedding.

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C& C 

{Tuesday Tip} Read Reviews


We are asked sooooooo often how to find a great wedding vendor and we are more than willing to give the names of amazing vendors we think would be a good fit and we would say one quick way to weed out all those vendors you don’t want by reading reviews. Don’t get us wrong not all reviews are created equal so make sure you are using legitimate resources to find these review (we love weddingwire.com) Make sure the reviews are current and for the type of service you are looking for.  Also a great way to find amazing vendors is word of mouth. Ask past brides they will give you the good, bad and everything else in between. They are the perfect source of who not to use and who to use, they can give you first hand reviews. We love all our past brides and can not thank you enough for all your positive reviews!


So remember  do a little checking and asking around before contacting vendors.  Good luck with all your wedding planning.

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