{ Tuesday Tip } Keep Facebook your friend


We have all seen it and even possible done it ourselves “over-sharing” on Facebook & social media.


When planning your wedding remember to be careful what you post, who you write about and where you share it. You don’t want to offend any family, friends, guests or vendors before, after or even during the wedding. I have heard horror stories of brides posting too much wedding date information on Facebook and people taking it as an invite and having multiple unexpected people show up at their wedding. Over sharing can not only hurt the person sharing the information, like the bride who invited all 300 of her Facebook friends in an overzelist post, it can hurt the person you are posting about if you are posting something negative or worse yet it could cost you money. Like the bride who invited every Facebook friend she had, well all those unexpected guests showed up and needed a place to site and to be feed so there was a hefty bill at the end of the night to cover all those extras. We know wedding planning can be stressful but try to be thoughtful and if you wouldn’t want to see the post about yourself online why write it about someone else.  Keep in mind all your Facebook friends can see the post and with the ever-changing privacy settings maybe even more so be selective with what you post.  We are not saying you can’t share exciting things like finding the perfect wedding dress, we are just recommending you don’t post a picture of you in that dress unless you are ok with the world seeing you in the dress before your wedding day. Remember that people can share your posts so a simple post to you closest 25 friends can be shared to all their friends and then their friends. We would recommend a photo of you outside the dress shop with a big grin or even a group shot with everyone who helped you come to this decision.  We love hearing about brides checking things off their wedding to-do lists, like choosing the colors for your wedding or finding the perfect shoes so keep those happy wedding posts coming just remember not to over share.  A good rule of thumb Facebook, and most social media for that matter is a fabulous place to connect with people you know and keep in contact with them but remember it’s not a diary. Enjoy your wedding planning from start to finish by being selective with what you post.

Be Marry, 



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