{Tuesday Tip} Giving a Flawless Speech

 Speech Etiquette

You have been given the opportunity to present a lovely, heartfelt, speech at a wedding and the added nerve inducing bonus of delivering it in front of all the wedding guests. Don’t be intimidated by the number of eyes staring back at you, simply embrace the opportunity and follow these simple rules to give a spectacular speech:

  •  Speak clearly

Speak precisely when delivering a speech.  This is not the time to mumble or speak to quickly. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

  • Speak Up

Guests want to hear what you have to say about the couple. If they are unable to hear you they will tune out or look to their neighbor to discuss what you may have said. Therefore, no whispering, use your outside voice.

  • Make friends with the microphone.

 Hold the microphone close to your mouth. We have seen numerous guests deliver speeches and hold the mic below audible range.  If you don’t hold the microphone close enough guests won’t be able to hear your speech.

  • Don’t wave the microphone around.

Beware hand gestured talkers. If you know you speak quite a bit with your hands make it a habit in the weeks prior to avoid doing so when delivering your speech.  If you wave the microphone around your not making friends with the microphone or the audience.

  • Make your speech heartfelt

Share a funny story or cherished moment you had with the bride or groom. Retelling a story makes you relatable to the audience and when reflecting back on the moment it will come from the heart. Sharing past experiences with the bride or groom reveals their integrity, personality, and gives the audience a glimpse into their inner circle.

  • Practice.

Practice your speech in front of the mirror or to a friend to work out any kinks. Other benefits of practicing include: receiving a second opinion, perfecting your delivery and tone, and it boosts your confidence.

Cheers to a flawless speech!

Be Marry,



Happy 2nd Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. DeYoung

Today marks the second anniversary to a fabulous couple!

Here is a little recap of their wedding.

Kelsey and Kyle were married on Friday, October 28, 2011.  The couple had their ceremony in a courtyard and decorated it beautifully. Two, white columns were placed on both sides of the altar site and were topped with lush floral arrangements. The aisle was adorned with ivory draping that was placed along the chairs and a thick line of pink rose petals that lined the aisle.

The colors for the reception were exquisite! Ivory floor length linens and chocolate brown, satin overlays were placed on the tables, complimented by gold chargers, and ivory and raspberry napkins. The floral arrangements were amazing and provided the finishing touch to the tables.  Tall vases were topped with blush hued roses, white hydrangeas, branch accents, green foliage, and surrounded by smaller vases of roses. Kelsey’s relatives did a wonderful job on the floral arrangements and decorations for the evening.

Seating arrangements were given in a fun, unique way. Each guest received two chocolate covered pretzels sticks that had their name and table number on them.

Sweet Layers created a beautiful three-tiered cake with unique designs and patterns. Flavors included chocolate with caramel butter cream swirl, red velvet with cream cheese filling, and vanilla Bean with Raspberry Bavarian.

Kelsey had been planning this day since she was little. She knew exactly what colors and decor she wanted for her wedding. We are so privileged to have helped her with her dream wedding. It was exciting to be a part of such a beautiful wedding. Congratulations Kelsey and Kyle!

We are excited to share a little more from Kelsey about what she has been up to since her wedding.

“Since my 2011 wedding I have continued to do graphic design for various clients focusing on invitation design, party decor, wedding packages and more.

Here is a shot of Kelsey & Kyle Invitation that Kelsey designed.

In June 2012 I had the pleasure of designing my sisters wedding package which included over 20 graphic arts projects (save the date, wedding invitation, rsvp card, rehearsal invitation, table cards etc..) plus a wedding cake design to match!

Here is the lovely Save the date she created for here sisters wedding.

I have created an etsy.com account where people are able to purchase digital invitation and announcement designs and print out themselves or they can request custom projects as well! I continue to update my facebook business page facebook.com/captivatingdesigns1 with current projects and pictures.”

So we want to send an extra special thank you to Kelsey & Kyle for letting us be a part of their big day, congratulations to Kelsey for starting here own business! and most of all Happy Anniversary!  

Be Marry,


{Friday Find} Fall In Love

We Love, love, love fall and the cooler weather (not much cooler yet here in Southern California) and had to share these great fall ideas from Hostess with the Mostess.

photo (1)


Here is the link to check out all the fun and festive l fall ideas.



Be Marry, 

C & C 


{TuesdayTip} I Will Not Forget

You make a check list for all the items you WILL NEED to bring with you the day of the wedding, but you don’t make one for all the items that will need to return with you. Several items that get left behind include:

I.D.’s or credit cards from open bar tabs

Clothing that you arrived in


Shoes. They get really uncomfortable and you kick them off somwhere and then forget where exactly.

Sand cermony vases or unity candles


The best thing to do to ensure that items like these don’t get left behind is to assign your parents or bridal party members jobs. Now do make sure if mom and dad will be responsible for gifts that they not bring dad’s sleek, two seater, sportscar to the wedding because they will be making numerous trips to get all the gifts home.


Be Marry,

C&C Team

{Friday Find} Most Over The Top Wedding Proposal

So we stumbled across this amazing proposal when a friend posted this on Facebook

(she happens to know this amazing couple.)

Take notes gentlemen!


If your trying to view it from a mobile device use this link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/maycie/this-is-the-most-sensational-elaborate-over-the-top-wedding?s=mobile

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{Tuesday Tip} Wedding Magazines Stacking Up?

Wedding Magazines 

Are those coveted bridal magazines beginning to pile up?  Try this idea, condence the photos, tips, and ideas you like into one book. Tear out all the pages you bookmarked, hole punch them, and place them in a binder or folder. Not only will this provide you with greater space it will also keep all the creative  ideas in one place rather than having to flip through numerous magazines to find “that” page.

Or you can take it one step farther and scan all this great wedding magazine pages (or look them up online) and pin them onto your Pinterest account so you always have them on hand .

Be Marry,


{Friday Find} Milk & Cookie Martini

Interesting and adorable idea we can’t help but share.

The cookie martini.

Kid friendly, non-alcoholic, unique, and a twist on your classic milk and cookie treat. We fell in love with this idea because the execution of it is so darn cute!

“How clever is this fabulous presentation of milk and cookies?! Instead of serving the cookie on a boring plate and the milk in a regular glass, it’s served like a dessert cocktail! — The Boastful Baker”

We found this idea at yumsugar.com. To view the site follow the link below,


Be Marry,

C&C Team