{Tuesday Tip} Traditional Processinal Line-up



There are numerous ways to have the bridal party walk down the aisle,  the following are the most common processional and recessional, also known as entrances and exits, to the wedding  ceremony.


Procession / Entrance to Wedding 

When we assist brides during their rehearsal, we generally ask a few questions when planning the line up of the bridal party. Key questions to address are: What order would you like the wedding party to enter the wedding site?, Where would you like the officiant, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ringerbeares to stand?, and in what order would you like them to leave? Initally we may come off as question over load coordinators but we want to fulfill your ceremony visions and we want to place members of the bridal party the way you want them to. It is your wedding after all and that is what the rehearsal is for to practice it and get it just right. Listed below is basic line up to get you started: 


   The “traditional” order

  – Mother of the groom is escorted down the aisle and seated in the front row of the right side, traditionally the groom’s side.

  – Mother of the bride is escorted down the aisle and seated in the front row on left side, traditionally the   bride’s side.

  – Minister is the first to take their place at the altar site

  – Groom, typically follows behind the minister

  – Best man may walk to the altar site with the groom or he may escort the Maid of Honor

  – Groomsmen walk in a single file line with the rest of the party or are paired with Bridesmaids

  – Maid of honor may walk alone or with Best Man

  – Ring bearer

  – Flower girl

  – Bride with or without an escort


We also want to note that traditionally the ladies stand to the left if being escorted down the aisle. From the Mothers to the bridesmaids and  the bride all the ladies should  be on the left if escorted down the aisle.  A good way to remember this is “you want to keep her on your left side close to your heart.”

This leads to the next series of questions to address, once the bridal party walks down the aisle where do they  stand? The answer should be any where you want them to.


   The Traditional Positions

  -Minister- Center normally facing the guests

  – Groom-On the Ministers left, facing guests (right side when guests are looking at him)

  – Best Man-Stands to the Groom’s left

  – Groomsmen-First to enter stands furthest away from the Groom,  last to enter is the closest to Best Man

  – Bridesmaids-First to enter stands the furthest away from  Bride,  last to enter is the closest to Maid of Honor

  – Maid of Honor-Will stand closest to the Bride

  – Ring Bearer-Will either stand between the Best Man and the closest Groomsman, or can take a seat

  – Flower Girl-Will either stand between the Maid of Honor and the closest Bridesmaid, or can take a seat

  – Bride-If being escorted will stand facing Minister until her escort is acknowledged, then to the left of the     Minister facing her Groom

  – Bride’s Escort-After being acknowledged, will either take a seat or stand were agreed upon prior to wedding


Below is a diagram of guests seating arrangements

Bride’s Parents A Groom’s Parents
 Traditionally I Traditionally
Bride’s Family S Groom’s Family
and friends L and friends
sit on the left E sit on the right
side of the aisle   side of the aisle
Left   Right


Now the final conclusion of the ceremony,  in what order do people leave? The answer should be any way you want them to. Below is the traditional way.


Everyone walks out by going down the central aisle.

  Bride and Groom together

  Ring Bearer and Flower Girl together or separately (if still standing)

  Followed by the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen exciting as couples

  Parents of the Bride

  Parents of the Groom

  The remaining guests either walk out on their own, or are released one row at a time by an usher

  The Minister

Have fun placing your bridal party!


Be Marry,




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{Friday Find} Themed Bridal Shower

Today’s find comes from Green Wedding Shoes. They helped create a one-of-a-kind Girl Scout themed bridal party complete with cookies and an emergency kit. We absolutely love the emergency kit because it is a vital asset for any girl to have and the kit will be a great addition for bridesmaids to bring on the day of the wedding. This is one smart bride.


The kit came complete with all the last-minute items you may need on the day of  the wedding like breath mints, pins, thread, and something one member of the C&C team, Christina, can’t live without,  a lint roller.


To see the numerous adorable items included in the bridal shower you can view the link at:






Be Marry,


{Wedding Story} Delahunty Wedding

Oriana & Mike Delahunty’s wedding and reception was on March 5, 2011 and we featured a peek at their decorations in a post last March  https://ccwedblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/delahunty-wedding-decorations/

We have to thank John from VIP Events for his wonderful DJ service and Judy from Sweet Creations by Judy for the gorgeous candy buffet. You can admire there work featured in the post below.

Now, we are excited to share a full Menifee Lakes Wedding story with you written by the bride, Oriana Delahunty.

Once upon a time . . . .

How did you meet?

My husband and I met through a friend and then reconnected by joining a co-ed softball team!

Describe the proposal.

We were in Las Vegas in front of the water show at the Bellagio while the song “This Kiss” played. His hands were wrapped around me and he slipped the ring in my pocket as he placed his hands in them and slipped the ring on my finger and whispered in my ear “ Oriana, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” and I said YES!!

Your Fairytale come true . . .


What personal touches did you incorporate into your wedding?

I added my favorite flower which is a Gerber daisy into the center pieces and also added our favorite color into the tuxedos and dresses!


What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

The most memorable moment of our wedding day was when they brought me to the middle of the stairs to meet my groom! He was waiting at the top of the stairs and watching him walk down to me brought tears to both of our eyes and he told me, “ You look so beautiful.” It made me fall in love with him all over again in that instant!


What Menu did you choose?

The Menifee Lakes Buffet. We had Tri Tip Medallions in a Wild Mushroom Demi Glaze, Chicken Parmsean, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Almondine, and Sourdogh Rolls.

Describe your cake.

Our cake was teal and white and the top-tier looked like a Tiffany & Co ring box!


What flowers did you use?

We used Gerber Daisies, Hydrangeas, white roses and Lilies.


What was your something blue, borrowed, old, new?

I used my birthstone earrings which are blue and old, I borrowed my mother’s crown pin to clip on my bouquet, and I wore my wedding dress which was new!!!


Describe your shoes.

I wore Tom’s shoes! They were an ivory color. I chose to wear these shoes because I wanted to be comfortable and I thought it was cute!

What accessories did you wear?

I only wore earrings and a promise ring my husband gave me when we were dating! And of course my wedding ring. I thought  my dress had enough character that I did not want to take away from my dress!

Describe your dress.

It was ivory with a heart-shaped strapless top. It had a jeweled belt, like strap going around, below my bust with a beautiful broach on the right side. It was very frilly and had different layers of waves going down the dress.

What were the highlights of your ceremony?

I loved the father-daughter dance and watching my husband dancing with his mother as well! I thought it was cute when the guests kept ringing their glasses to make me and my groom kiss!


Did you have any vendor or D.J. highlights?

We had an amazing D.J! He made the reception very fun! He had one guest from each table stand up and sing a song to the groom and I that had the word “LOVE” in it! It was very funny! Also we had a candy bar with all our favorite treats and they incorporated our wedding colors in them as well!


Did you have a theme for your ceremony or reception?

We are young and wanted something fun but still classy! We had our favorite colors, teal and ivory, and used that throughout the venue!

Your Happily Ever After . . .

My husband and I now live in Las Vegas where it all began! We just bought our first home and plan on starting a family here in Vegas! We want to thank Menifee Lakes Country Club for allowing us to share our special day with them and providing us with what needed to make our day so magical!

{Real Wedding Decorations} Garrett Wedding

Fun, personal, and charming described Sarah and Matthew’s wedding perfectly. Sarah and Matthew took a vacation from the cold conditions in Colorado to wed in warm Southern California weather on Saturday, January 14, 2012. The couple was married in our courtyard ceremony site under a arch with delicately draped swag accented with red roses, lilies, blue roses, and white flowers provided by Michael’s Flower Girl.




Place cards consisted of picture frames that had each guests name and their designated table. Tables were named after a location in the couple’s home state of Denver, Colorado. In the center of each table were picture frames that featured photos of the various locations. A candle was placed in the middle of each frame which illuminated the photos. Red rose petals and votive candles were scattered around the frames and added the finishing touches to the table.






The high lite of the evening had to be the bridal party’s grand entrance. The DJ individually announced each bridesmaid and groomsmen and then gave fun tid bits about each person. It was funny and insightful for guests to hear. Some of the groomsmen had been friends with the groom since the third grade!

The couples cake was one of a kind and it had a secret. The wedding cake was actually fake and it had a secret compartment where a small slice of cake was placed when it came time for cake cutting. Sarah and Matthew had sheet cakes that were cut and served by our staff to save on cake costs. The cake was made of fondant and fragile like an ordinary cake because it could be damaged by a bump or mishap. The guest’s had no clue it was a fake cake  until they noticed it stayed untouched as they dined on cake.





It was a wonderful experience working with Matthew and Sarah. We look forward to seeing photos in the near future from Baird Photography. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Garrett.


Be Marry,


{Friday Find} Embroidery We Love




Today’s find comes from Snippet and Ink. We instanly woo’d over this adorable embroidered piece of fabric the groom included into his suit breast. To read their full story follow the link:




Be Marry,



{Real Wedding Decorations} Morales Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Morales were married on Friday, January 6, 2012. The ceremony took place in the courtyard location where a beautiful, white arch, from Hobby Lobby was decorated with red roses.

Red was the themed color for the evening in homage to Ashley and Michael’s favorite color. The reception tables were decorated with floor length black linens and red napkins. Centerpieces included a single red rose in tall glass vases that were filled with water and accompanied by framed photos of the couple. The centerpieces were reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. Ashley and Michael also utilized the hutch in the entrance of the ballroom to showcase family photos.

The bridal party and the bride and groom made their grand entrance to “What is Love?” by Haddaway. You couldn’t help but smile and nod your head a la A Night at the Roxbury.

The cake was provided by Michelle’s Bakery and featured a white, three-tiered cake, with a black swirl design around the edge and trimmed with satin black ribbon. Red roses and red petals accented the cake.

Congratulations Ashley and Micheal Morales.

Be Marry,