{Real Wedding Decorations} Morales Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Morales were married on Friday, January 6, 2012. The ceremony took place in the courtyard location where a beautiful, white arch, from Hobby Lobby was decorated with red roses.

Red was the themed color for the evening in homage to Ashley and Michael’s favorite color. The reception tables were decorated with floor length black linens and red napkins. Centerpieces included a single red rose in tall glass vases that were filled with water and accompanied by framed photos of the couple. The centerpieces were reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. Ashley and Michael also utilized the hutch in the entrance of the ballroom to showcase family photos.

The bridal party and the bride and groom made their grand entrance to “What is Love?” by Haddaway. You couldn’t help but smile and nod your head a la A Night at the Roxbury.

The cake was provided by Michelle’s Bakery and featured a white, three-tiered cake, with a black swirl design around the edge and trimmed with satin black ribbon. Red roses and red petals accented the cake.

Congratulations Ashley and Micheal Morales.

Be Marry, 



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