{Tuesday Tip} Don’t forget your clothes

After your wedding you will likely be dancing on air excited for your life together as a married couple

but don’t forget about your clothes you came.  It is probably best if you  have someone else pack them up for you and take them or at least have someone like a maid of honer or family member who will check to make sure no items are left behind. You don’t want to make it home and realize you forgot your favorite shoes, lip gloss or entire makeup bag and . This advice comes after a weekend of weddings and an office full for clothing and items.

You would be surprised what gets left behind, for a full list of items check out our past post I will not forget:



{Friday Find} Funny Wedding Photo

Someone came across this photo on Pinterest and emailed it to me and I couldn’t help but smile when seeing it.

It makes me think weddings are all about amazing memories so why not take a funny unexpected photo, it will be great to look back on and will always put a smile on your face.


Be Marry, 

 C & C 

{Real Wedding Decorations} Stephanie & Steve Inman Wedding

Stephanie and Steve’s ceremony and reception on May 4th 2012 was beautiful and breath taking. The couple was married in the courtyard ceremony location with 120 family members and friends.

The reception was delicately adorned with flowers and glistened and sparkled throughout. The wonderful decorations and flowers were provided by Dawnielle at The Divine Event, who was more than just a close friend of the couples. The couple was able to save on the cost of the decorations by “hardscaping” most of the decorations. Meaning that they used  reusable materials like vases, candles and jewels from The Divine Event and adding small touches of flowers. The flowers included blue orchids calla lilies and  purple roses. The couple choose to use a combinations of a few different table arrangement from long family style tables, to large rounds even a small square sweetheart table for the couple. The reception tables were draped in white linens and accented with a silver or black runner, silver chargers, and a black napkins which held a menu card created by the couple.  The chairs were dressed with white chair covers and tied with a black specialty sash tied to the side and finished off with a sparkle accent.

Congratulation to Stephanie Steve Inman!

{Tuesday Tip} Size Matters

Place your cake on a smaller table like a 30-inch round like this cake was.

The small size of the table will highlight the cake, and you wont have to worry about extra decor  and a smaller table means smaller linen which normally comes with a smaller price tag.

This bride accented the cake with a simple (homemade) cake stand placed under a smaller satin overlay to give the cake a little height without the big price tag. She simply added her toss bouquet a few rose petals and the table was complete .

Photo by:K.Morrison Photography


{Friday Find} How are you organizing all of your wedding ideas?

We came across this on Facebook this morning and can really relate.

How are you organizing all of your wedding ideas?

This is a great questions to ask just about any bride and we see all kinds of answers these days.  Recently with  Pinterest (which we LOVE) we hear about pins and “you know I saw online…” it has changed wedding planning  but if you can’t actually show someone all your amazing pins you found how do you express your vision. Consider the idea of making a book of all the amazing ideas so you can share them.

Follow the link below to bridalbuds to see the entire post.


{Tuesday Tip} Plan to have a small party

Remember the bigger the party the bigger the bill.

Before you ask every friend to be in your wedding consider the cost for having each of them in the wedding.  The bouquet or boutineer, the presents and transportation can all add up.  So if you want to keep costs minimal consider having a smaller bridal party.

Be Marry,