I Will Not Forget


You make a check list for all the items you WILL NEED to bring with you the day of the wedding, but you don’t make one for all the items that will need to return with you.  Several items that get left behind include:



                                        I.D.’s or credit cards from open bar tabs




Clothing that you arrived in










Centerpieces; we always have numerous vases left behind



Shoes. They get really uncomfortable and you kick them off somwhere and then forget where exactly.




Sand cermony vases or unity candles






The best thing to do to ensure that items like these don’t get left behind is to assign your parents or bridal party members jobs. Now do make sure if mom and dad will be responsible for gifts that they not bring dad’s sleek, two seater, sportscar to the wedding because they will be making numerous trips to get all the gifts home.



Be Marry,

C&C Team


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