{Tuesday Tip} Top 10 Details Brides Forget


We have not only helped countless brides plan for their wedding days but also attended our share of wedding. Even with careful planning many brides still forget little details so we made a list of the most common details Brides forget to plan for.


A ‘photographable’ hanger for the dress- Something you wont cringe at when looking at  photos. Consider putting this on your shopping list and packing list when packing or the big day so you don’t forget about it.

Reserved seating – enough reserved seating is key. If you think you want to have a careful seat your self reception good for you but let us let you in on a little secret not everyone will be carefree about it. We recommend that you always plan for reserved seating for any family and  bridal party members that will be out taking photos when the guests get a chance to find their seats. If not to please dad since he may be footing the bill you should have at least one table for parents if not one table for each set of parents set aside just in case. Worse thing that happens s everyone gets along and you don’t need the reserved tables ans those signs can be taken sown and they become open seating for everyone else.

Extra seats– Not every table may be full. This may seem odd and if you are paying by the chair you may wonder why but again if you are having free seating remember that not every seat at every table will fill in evenly. If you have a “great-aunt” with 5 kids that always shows up late remember they will want to all sit together so having at least 4-8 extra seats is a good idea and the more guests yo have the more I would plan on. Talk to you wedding coordinator for more recommendations  about this.

Feed the Bridal Party- We have  seen this a time or two where the bridal party gets up extra early to start getting ready and spends the whole day primping an preping and come time for the wedding they are famished or worse yet that ” one drink “really hits them hard because they realize they missed every meal that day because they were enjoying getting ready so much.  So plan a simple brunch or portable foods for everyone or better yet arrange food to come to you so you don’t forget about it. Plan items like a tray of sandwiches, fruit and other simple mess-free items that everyone can share. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water and have water on hand before your wedding so everyone looks ans feels their best.

Phone Charger – This may seem simple but you would surprised how many people show up with dead cell phones just before a wedding.  Not that we think you should have your cell phone attached to your hand on your wedding day, we think you should have in as a back up or just to get those all important cell phone numbers you have saved in it. If you plan to go straight to your honeymoon it will mean a stop to buy a new charger or going with out for your entire honeymoon.

Cash- You never know what last-minute item you might need from breath mints and tissues,  to tipping that limo driver a little extra “sash of cash” is always a great idea. We recommend this for the days leading you to wedding, a “$100 week of the wedding”  cash can be put right in your budget to cover those last-minute items and if you don’t use it think of it as extra honeymoon cash so you can start off the trip with a nice cocktail or just stay in your room and order room service. A little extra cash is never a bad thing and you can save on those ATM fees by already having cash on hand.

Getting gifts home-  This is one of those detail that seems like it wouldn’t be missed but you would be surprized the times we have to remind couples to take home all those amazing gifts they registered for. If you are heading straight to your honeymoon don’t plan on packing them in your limo make sure to plan on having a trust worthy friend or family member take them home and  don’t forget it should be someone with a car that can load and unload them all in so don’t ask Dad if he will be driving his two-seater sports car because it could take multiple trips just to get them  all home.

Arrange your transportation– If your maid of honer is driving all the ladies to the wedding and the best man is driving all the gentelmen to the wedding make sure to plan for transportation home from the wedding. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to spill back into those cars after the wedding but consider how many trips they will be making to drop everyone off at there car and consider they will need to be sober to drop them all off so always make sure to have this planned so you don’t have to wait for a cab after your own wedding. If you realize you or your guests will need a cab let the bartender, wedding coordinator or banquet caption know at least 30 minutes before the wedding is over so they can call cabs ahead so you can leave when you are ready not during the rush of cab calls after the wedding has ended.

Someone to take the cake- in most cases there is extra cake left over and you likely paid a pretty penny for it so don’t  pack it with gifts and forget about it for weeks while on your honeymoon. Plan to someone who will take the extra cake, if you have any and what will be done with it, either give to someone to enjoy (we recommend sharing it with who ever footed the bill for the cake)  or put in your fridge till you return.

Enjoy your day!– This is a must because some brides spend so much time planning every detail, making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch they forget to enjoy themselves and the  amazing wedding they planned. We recommend you write everything down put all the notes in one place and hand them off to someone else, from the on site coordinator to the helpful sister-in-law (who is not in the wedding) to private wedding coordinator that will be able to help with last-minute details but wont be in your hair asking questions. Also take a deep breath and remember it is your wedding day so enjoy! Yes we are going to say it, even if every last detail doesn’t go as planned  we are sure it will be a wonderful day and trust us if you sit down relax and enjoy it you may not even notice that the time line is off by 15 minute or that the flower girl lost her basket after the ceremony.

Plan as you must and plan up till the days before your wedding but don’t stress out if you miss something because trust us we can asure you a bride before you has also forgot the same thing and brides after you will also likely forget the same thing. So when your big day comes sit back relax and enjoy!

Be Marry, 

C & C