{Friday Find} Martha Stewart Gives OK on Jello Shots

We got this in our In box from Martha Stewart Weddings today and just had to share. Fancy Gelatin Shots

“If you thought jelly shots were only meant for college dorms, guess again. These bite-size gelatin libations are all grown up. We arranged (from left) jellied mango lemon drops, cherry acai slings, guava sidecars, and banana coladas on a simple tray, but you can also serve them on a bed of berries, shredded coconut, or sliced fruit. Pass them as a hands-free alternative to a signature drink during cocktail hour or have your caterer distribute them on the dance floor.”

– From Martha Stewart


 Check out the link below for more information and even a few recipes. 


Be Marry, 

C &C


{Tuesday Tip} Don’t Forget To Register


When you are registering for your wedding don’t forget to register for “other” kitchen items you often you are would use if you have. Here is a fun list of items we thought covered some often forgotten kitchen items.


Remember to adjust the amount for you and if you know you will never use formal table linens don’t register for them they will just take up space in a linen closet or drawer and opt for items you will use like kitchen shears.

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C & C 

{Friday Find} Most Creative RSVP Card Yet

A friend send us this photo and we couldn’t help smile when we read it and anyone who has gotten married or is getting married in the near future can relate to the last option.  We give major points for creativity on this RSVP card.


Hopes this puts a smile on your face and

PLEASE remember to always send you RSVP cards back.

Be Marry, 

C & C

{Tuesday Tip} Displays make all the difference

Tuesday Tip

We stumbled across this idea on Pinterest and love, love, love it.


“Surprise your guests with some common supplies displayed in cute jars in the bathroom.”

What a grand idea and it looks like these supplies even tie in with the wedding color. Even we are impressed that things like mouthwash and gum now look like high class decorations.

Head over to the bridal district so see more wedding ideas and don’t forget to pin all your great ideas to your board on Pinterest so we can see them.


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{Friday Find} Signature Cocktail by Guest Blogger

Today’s Friday Find actually found us and asked to write a guest post for us.  We love the idea so here goes a fantastic post by our very first EVER guest blogger Michelle Pino 

My name is Michelle and I work at a spa called Skana, in a small town in Upstate NY. My personal passion for DIY projects, cooking and wellness has inspired me to write about my experiences in hopes to share my knowledge with others.

I’ve recently taken a keen interest in weddings and event planning (thank you Pinterest!). With access to some profound chefs and expert event planner’s because of where I work, I thought it would be a neat way for me to combine my passions with the expertise and knowledge of those around me. I would love to share an exclusive signature drink for your blog that your readers could try at home. 

– Michelle Pino

Create a Signature Cocktail: A Modern Take on the Bellini

Professional mixologists the world over revel in the opportunity to create a signature cocktail that might one day be added to the IBA (International Bartender’s Association) official compendium of drinks. Every cocktail on the IBA list has a recipe, a history and a name, and these facts are often both surprising and fun. When hosting your own party, or searching for ways to add a little creativity to your wedding reception, signature drinks are a great way to get festive while having lots of fun and engaging your participants. Fun drinks are welcomed everywhere, and if you want the title of Host with the Most, dreaming up a signature cocktail is a fantastic place to start.

With spring finally in full swing, the air is crisp and warming up, signaling that summer is not too far behind, so what better fruit to infuse into our cocktails than peach? The gorgeous, delicious and classic cocktail known as the Bellini is a refreshing summer drink that is dying for a modern twist. Created in Italy in during the first half of the 20th century, the classic Bellini is made from Prosecco, which is an Italian sparkling wine, and peach puree. The drink was named after 15th century, Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini. Its inventor, Guiseppe Cipriani, said that when the drink was first created, the color was the same as the robe of a saint painted by Bellini, which happened to be a muted shade of peach. A lovely twist on this simple, yet elegant summery drink is to turn it into a springtime martini.

While usually made using peach puree, when making any type of Martini, smoothness is desired in the liquid. The following recipe from the event experts of the Turning Stone Resort, a Central New York wedding venue, stays true to the sweet, Italian original, but turns this popular long drink into a stronger, signature party cocktail that is sure to please your guests. Feel free to experiment with different measurements and garnish. You can even use gin instead of vodka since both variations still qualify as a martini, and the flavor of Juniper berries which gin imparts is set off quite nicely by lemon juice.

Peach Bellini Garnished JPEG

Photo credit: Wearenotmartha.com


3 oz Vodka or Gin

2 oz of Champagne or Prosecco (or any sparkling white wine)

1.5 oz Peach Schnapps

1 oz of Peach nectar

1 Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

*Optional:       *Raspberries for garnish

*¼ cup of Caster sugar for the glass



1. Fill a shallow dish with half an inch of water and dip the rim of your martini glass in it, coating the entire rim.

2. Pour the sugar onto another dish and dip the rim of your martini glass into it.

3. Set the glass aside and fill a shaker 1/3 of the way with crushed ice.

4. Now add the vodka or gin, Prosecco or Champagne, schnapps, peach nectar and lemon juice into the shaker.

5. Shake all the contents of the shaker together until condensation forms on the outside.

6. (Optional) Pour the contents into your sugar-rimmed glass through a cocktail strainer.

7. (Optional) Garnish with fresh raspberries and serve.


Be Marry, 

C C & GB

{ Our First Ever Guest Blogger Michelle }

{Tuesday Tip} Smart Spending

Tuesday Tip

If your budget is limited, then it’s smart to spend your money on the most practical items, such as the things that will be meaningful to you and your soon-to-be hubby in the long-term. When you think about it, when it’s all said and done, what most people are left with are memories and…pictures! It may be worth it to pay a little extra for a high-quality photographer, since the value of pictures or videos will last a lifetime. On the other hand, you can save money on the  floral arrangements by avoiding out-of-season blooms.


Also consider buying shoes from your favorite department store or even places like Target, many mainstream stores now offer wedding “acceptable” shoes and many even offer more online.  Check out these adorable flats on the bride below, sparkly and fun yet practical for all the walking and dancing on her wedding day.


So spend smart and spend your money on things your will enjoy on your wedding and for years to come.


Be Marry, 

C & C 

{Tuesday Tip} Schedule practice sessions together


We haven’t forgotten about the ever popular Tuesday tips so we bring you a fun tip to help you get one step closer to the wedding day of your dreams.

Schedule your practice sessions together to get an idea what you want and do not want on your wedding day.


We  have a bride who recently got engaged and was worried about having a friend do her hair and makeup for her wedding. She didn’t want to offend her friend by telling her “I don’t want you to do my hair or makeup.” She is in the hair and makeup industry but has never done hair or makeup outside the salon she currently works at and she has never styled the soon to be brides hair.  We gave her this advice, ask her if she will do a trial run or practice session so she can see what her  makeup and even hair would look like. Then the best part if you are able to schedule it before your engagement session or practice photography session with your photographer so you can really see how your hair and makeup will look on camera. This may cost a little for the hair and makeup session and the photo shoot but many vendors will work in a discount if you book them for multiple things or even throw in a free ” practice session” it can’t hurt to ask and the peace of mind knowing you will get what you want on you wedding day is priceless. Plus you will have the practice and a good idea how long your wedding hair will take and don’t forget those photos from the photography session.

Be Marry, 

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