{Friday Find} Beautiful Spring Flowers

Spring is officially here! Incorporate crepe flowers and all the beautiful blooming spring flowers into your wedding. Find out how on Martha Stewart’s site and check back to see how our spring bride’s are using the season’s beautiful flowers.

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{Friday Find} Warm & Cozy Wedding Ideas

Warm and Cozy Wedding Ideas From Martha Stewart Weddings 


Cozy knitted ring pillows lend warmth to a winter wedding.


Hot Cocoa

Collect just the right ingredients for to warm guests. Start with a large container of hot cocoa and a bag of mini marshmallows, measuring them out into individual serving sizes and placing them in small cellophane bags. You can also include two mugs, each filled with a pair of new, cozy socks.

A Winter White Wonderland Wedding 


Abby spent many family vacations in Beaver Creek, Colorado, and always knew that she would get married there some day. But even though she and her future husband, Cliff, had dated since high school in Mobile, Alabama, she didn’t initially peg him as the groom. Four years of long distance on-again, off-again later, they got serious. She moved back to Cliff in Mobile, and a year and a half later, he proposed.

Abby wasn’t fazed by the prospect of long-distance wedding planning, and with the help of a planner, the couple pulled off a glamorous ski-lodge wedding, with bursts of metallic gold to play off Colorado’s snowy landscape.

Check out even more warm and cozy Winter Wedding Ideas at Martha Stewart Weddings.com

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{Friday Find} The Best Holiday Planning Advice

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought we should some great holiday advice.

From none other than Martha Stewart

Starting off with Everything you need to know for a fabulous Thanksgiving.



Then our favorite the 10- Second Holiday Bar.



Enjoy your holidays!

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{Friday Find} Martha Stewart Gives OK on Jello Shots

We got this in our In box from Martha Stewart Weddings today and just had to share. Fancy Gelatin Shots

“If you thought jelly shots were only meant for college dorms, guess again. These bite-size gelatin libations are all grown up. We arranged (from left) jellied mango lemon drops, cherry acai slings, guava sidecars, and banana coladas on a simple tray, but you can also serve them on a bed of berries, shredded coconut, or sliced fruit. Pass them as a hands-free alternative to a signature drink during cocktail hour or have your caterer distribute them on the dance floor.”

– From Martha Stewart


 Check out the link below for more information and even a few recipes. 


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{Tuesday Tip} Tips for Acing Your Wedding Vows

This tip come from the one and only Martha Stewart Weddings 


Play Editor

Decide which parts (of your vows) you would like to read aloud, and what aspects of traditional vows you plan on including. Remember to keep the vows as short and as simple as possible – a paragraph or two at most.

View the full link below and 8 Tips for Acing Your Wedding Vows


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{Friday Find} After-Party Refreshment Kits

This tip comes from

This is great for after any celebration from the bachelor or bachelorette party to after the wedding.

A first-aid welcome basket will ensure that your guests can party the night away and feel great the next day. These goodie bags contain homemade bloody Mary mix, vodka, and an Advil-loaded pillbox.

follow the link below for the full details and more great finds:


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{Tuesday Tip} Outdoor Escort Cards Displays

This tip comes from www.marthastewartweddings.com:

Outdoor Escort Card Displays

We love this display perfect for a golf course or country club wedding {hint hint}!

Follow the link below for the full post on Outdoor Escort Card Displays at:

 Martha Stewart weddings.com