{Tuesday Tip} Schedule practice sessions together


We haven’t forgotten about the ever popular Tuesday tips so we bring you a fun tip to help you get one step closer to the wedding day of your dreams.

Schedule your practice sessions together to get an idea what you want and do not want on your wedding day.


We  have a bride who recently got engaged and was worried about having a friend do her hair and makeup for her wedding. She didn’t want to offend her friend by telling her “I don’t want you to do my hair or makeup.” She is in the hair and makeup industry but has never done hair or makeup outside the salon she currently works at and she has never styled the soon to be brides hair.  We gave her this advice, ask her if she will do a trial run or practice session so she can see what her  makeup and even hair would look like. Then the best part if you are able to schedule it before your engagement session or practice photography session with your photographer so you can really see how your hair and makeup will look on camera. This may cost a little for the hair and makeup session and the photo shoot but many vendors will work in a discount if you book them for multiple things or even throw in a free ” practice session” it can’t hurt to ask and the peace of mind knowing you will get what you want on you wedding day is priceless. Plus you will have the practice and a good idea how long your wedding hair will take and don’t forget those photos from the photography session.

Be Marry, 

C & C 


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