{Tuesday Tip} Giving a Flawless Speech

 Speech Etiquette

You have been given the opportunity to present a lovely, heartfelt, speech at a wedding and the added nerve inducing bonus of delivering it in front of all the wedding guests. Don’t be intimidated by the number of eyes staring back at you, simply embrace the opportunity and follow these simple rules to give a spectacular speech:

  •  Speak clearly

Speak precisely when delivering a speech.  This is not the time to mumble or speak to quickly. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

  • Speak Up

Guests want to hear what you have to say about the couple. If they are unable to hear you they will tune out or look to their neighbor to discuss what you may have said. Therefore, no whispering, use your outside voice.

  • Make friends with the microphone.

 Hold the microphone close to your mouth. We have seen numerous guests deliver speeches and hold the mic below audible range.  If you don’t hold the microphone close enough guests won’t be able to hear your speech.

  • Don’t wave the microphone around.

Beware hand gestured talkers. If you know you speak quite a bit with your hands make it a habit in the weeks prior to avoid doing so when delivering your speech.  If you wave the microphone around your not making friends with the microphone or the audience.

  • Make your speech heartfelt

Share a funny story or cherished moment you had with the bride or groom. Retelling a story makes you relatable to the audience and when reflecting back on the moment it will come from the heart. Sharing past experiences with the bride or groom reveals their integrity, personality, and gives the audience a glimpse into their inner circle.

  • Practice.

Practice your speech in front of the mirror or to a friend to work out any kinks. Other benefits of practicing include: receiving a second opinion, perfecting your delivery and tone, and it boosts your confidence.

Cheers to a flawless speech!

Be Marry,



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