{ Tuesday Tip } First Slice of Cake

untitled-12Ask your bakery how to cut the first slice of cake.


Often  dowels and plates are placed between the layers of cake so they don’t slide or fall so it is always better to ask. It is also a good idea to ask about any decorations added to the cake as, and it is always better to cut around those if possible. For example this cake has a simple black ribbon added to it that give a fabulous contrast to the white cake. Well this bakery graciously placed the ribbon with the two ends meeting at the backside of the cake so the couple (or wedding coordinator) can pull the ribbon back a bit to cut the first piece and lift out a pice of cake with ease. No pulling or getting stuck on the ribbon or dragging it behind. Leaving you with a beautiful intact cake for photos and an easy to cut first piece of cake to share as husband of wife.

Be Marry, 

C& C


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