Personalized Postage

Monogrammed Postage


Invitations don’t have to be expensive or overly done by a professional. One way to personalize your invitations is by adding fun postage to create a one of a kind, heartfelt invitation. There are several websites such as, The United States Postal Service, and that can assist you when creating your personalized stamps. These sites allow you to upload photos, texts, and any other creative ideas you may have. The Postal Service also makes vintage, wedding themed stamps, and .61 cent stamps for those  heavily garnished invitations.

.61 cent stamp


The first step in the personalizing process, is to plan ahead! You will want to assembly your invitation completely, take the pressed and sealed invitations to the post office, and have them weighed so you know the exact cost of the postage. What if you had purchased a mass quantity of .44 cent personalized stamps and your invitation cost .52 cents!! No worries, it’s not the end of the personal postage crusade. You simply have to add an additional 2-3 stamps based on the cost.  You can easily accomplish this  by gathering stamps that tie in with your theme. Be creative and feel free to use multiple themed stamps if you don’t have the time to get custom ones made.


Multiple Themed Stamps


Another step to take with personalized stamps, is to have the postmaster personally postmark your invitations. This step prevents your stamp from getting the “squiggly lines” or postmark through it. Afterall, you don’t want to have a wave of squiggly going through your photo.

An Official Postmark


If your planning really far in advance, you can mail your invitations to postoffices with romantic city names. You simply send the invitations in a package with your contact information to receive a postmark from:

Lovevill, Maryland 

Bridal Veil, Oregon

Bliss, New York

Loveland, California

The final step,  keep a postmarked invitation as a keepsake. After all the time and effort, why wouldn’t you?



Signed, Sealed, & Delivered,












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