{Tuesday Tip} Taking Time Off

As most of you know planning a wedding takes time, a lot of time.

That is probably why the average engagement is around a year long.

With all the planning and time it takes to put together a wedding some say it can feel like a full time job. From booking a venue, to picking the perfect  flowers, even all those little details like place cards and seating chart and tieing bows on favors can really add up.

So before you get over welmed remember to enjoy this time and


from planning and relax!

We all know weddings can be expensive so find something inexpensive or even FREE to do with your Fiance and just enjoy some time together with the one you love.

Go for walk 

Spend the afternoon at the beach 

Watch a movie 

Or just plan hold hands. 

Find some much needed time to relax even if it means scheduleing it in in your almost full calnder.

Remember why you are planning this amazing wedding in the first place.  Set aside some time, put your wedding planning on hold to relax and spend time with the one you love.

Don’t worry your wedding planning will be right where you left it when you pick it back up.

We are going to lead by example here at ccwedblog we have scheduled some much needed time off.

We will be taking a week off ! 

See you all after Christmas

So enjoy your holidays and we will be back next week and starting 2013 off with lots of wedding posts.

Be Marry, 

C & C


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