Holidays, and how They Effect Your Wedding

With Memorial Day and Fourth of July around the corner, we now have the  perfect opportunity to discuss how holidays can effect your wedding.  Many couples love planning exciting, holiday themed weddings, however they neglect the ways it may alter their guests plans and wallets.



A perfect example would be a wedding scheduled to take place close to Thanksgiving. Many couples think they are doing their guests a favor by having it around the start of the holiday season. However, what they neglect to factor in is the amount of time their family will be spending with them during the holiday and the final stressful days of planning. The majority of family members want to assist and partake in the final steps towards the aisle, but opinions from various members of the family tree can take its toll and make nagging Aunt Nancy that more of a nuance then she typically is. If you do have family and friends flying in during the holiday season do be aware of the peak pricing for travel and hotel expenses. Do set aside quality, non-wedding time to spend with your family members, show them around the town, and partake in fun activities that will provide lasting memories.

If you are having your wedding in a large city, like San Diego, you may want to set aside time to do some research regarding scheduled conventions or events that will take place around the area. San Diego is a perfect example because not only is it a major tourist attraction during any day of the week, it is also host to several big conventions throughout the year, including Comi Con. Comi Con is a big movie, comic book, and video game convention that attracts thousand, possibly millions, to the city. Now, lets propose a worst case scenario and say your wedding is scheduled to take place during the convention. Not only would parking be a major concern so would hotel accommodations. Therefore, take a look at upcoming schedules in your city and ask your cater or on site coordinator for assistance because they will be more familiar with events taking place in their neighborhood.

Now, lets look at some of the upsides to having a wedding during the holidays. If you will be having a wedding on or around the fourth of July you get to have a huge, massive, free firework display, and have access to sparklers (just don’t tell the fire marshal).



Fall brides can utilize the rich colors and  numerous pumpkins for a country theme or a Halloween wedding. The possibilities are endless for Halloween brides: they can embrace the candy fever by providing guests with caramel or candy coated apples, hot apple cider, masks or fun costume pieces for guests to play around with, mini trick or treat bags for the little ghouls and ghosts, caricature artists to create portraits of your guests, …or offer a candy station for all guests to trick or treat through.



Earlier we discussed a few problems that may arise when setting a date near Thanksgiving, but there is an upside to a late November date. Consider a  wedding the weekend after Thanksgiving,  hotels offer lowered off-season pricing and catering/banquet halls offer flexible starting and ending times because demand for those dates are not as popular when clients have shopping and the pending holiday, Christmas on their mind.

If you are getting married around Christmas your reception venue may get into the spirit of the holiday and have lighting surrounding the facility. Case in point, Riverside’s Mission Inn or Menifee Lakes Country Club.


Riverside's Mission Inn


Menifee Lakes Country Club


Lighting will be one less thing to factor into the budget and you won’t have to worry about assembling it or taking it down. Plus you can embrace the winter wonderland experience by utilizing your venue’s warm and cozy fireplace, the seasons vibrant red and greens hues, the vast amount of Poinsettias to create a winter bouquet, take inspiration from candy canes and use their red and white color scheme, give gingerbread cookies decorated in icing similar to the bride and groom’s attire as favors to guests, or use them as a late night snack for guests to munch on with hot cocoa or a glass of milk to leave them with visions of your wedding dancing in their heads.



Holidays and the traditions that make them memorable, offer plenty of inspiring ideas you can use for your wedding day. However, regardless if you have a date near a holiday or not, your wedding will have the same celebrated, unique, traditions that the bride and groom can share on their holiday, their anniversary. And to that we say. . .





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