{Tuesday Tip} Vendor Meals

Today’s tip is something that can either save you money or cost you extra if you don’t plan accordingly.

Many brides ask if they should  supply a meal for vendors and my rule of thumb is if the vendor is staying for more than 3 hours and will be present during the entire dinner service time you should consider having a meal for them.



With vendors we always recommend to keep them happy and think about their needs as well because a happy vendor will work better and be more pleasant to work with, making the day more enjoyable for everyone. Think about it if you are a vendor and are going to be working 9+ hours you are going to need to take a least a few breaks and eat something  during day.


Decorated Buffet Table 

It can vary so it is best to ask each vendor if they would like a meal because some vendors may eat before hand or plan breaks and meals themselves. If they would like a meal supplied the next step is going to your reception location or catering company and ask if they have special vendor meals or options. A DJ or photographer who may be scarfing down a meal between grand entrance and toasts doesn’t need prime rib and fancy twice baked potatoes, it might be nice to serve them the same as your guests but if it is going to cost you upwards of $60.oo each ask  your cater about different options and by planning ahead many caters may throw in a vendor meal or two if you are having a buffet or can plan a lower cost menu option for vendors. Remember to plan ahead because you don’t want to have to buy them that $60+ a plate meal and fork over the payment the day of your wedding if you don’t plan ahead.

Be Marry, 

C & C 


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