{Tuesday Tip} Memories Sweet Memories

This is something near and dear to our hearts because it’s from one of our very own events.

Sweet little mason jars to collect memories.

memory jar

A little over a month ago we meet with a bride and she was worried about what to do for her upcoming wedding. They planned the ceremony at a church and the reception at a nearby hotel and with the short drive they somehow planned for two hours between the end of the ceremony and the start of dinner and it was too late to make any changes. They didn’t know what to do to occupy the nearly 200 guests during the extra long cocktail hour, beside loads of appetizers and beverages. They wanted something quick and easy that wouldn’t break the bank since they were already just over their budget and only had a week left till the big day.

We shared with them an idea from a fabulous anniversary a few years back, mason jars with tags explaining for the guests to write a memory of the couple and place them in the jars. This is a simple, easy way to fill some down time during the cocktail hour or hours in this case.

Based on the size of the wedding we decided to place ten jars around the cocktail space with special signs on each to leave a memory of the couple. We took it one step further and made each of the ten jars a different type of memory. For example the jar near the guest book table was for your first memory of the couple of how you meet the bride or groom. The jar on the bar was for a memory of drinking with the couple since the couple had met at a New Years Eve party 10 years earlier and have hosted quite large ones ever since. Then another jar for a memory about the couples adorable little pooch.

By spacing the jars out and having a different memory to write about for each jar the guests mixed and mingled checking out every jar and many of the guests comparing stories and even writing more than one for each jar. The couple was so happy to have nearly 800 memories by the end of the night. The couple even commented they it was such a big hit with guests that they would be incorporating this idea in at their annual New Years Eve Party.

How do you plan to get guests to mingle at your wedding, share with us over on Facebook and twitter or email us we would love to hear.

Be Married, 

Creative Coordinators