{Tuesday Tip} 5 Things To Splurge On

5 Things Worth Splurging on for your wedding in 2015 

We know we know most everyone has a budget and most people don’t want to hear we think you should spend more on something but here ate out top 5 picks we really truly think you should send a little extra on in 2015. We give you the A-OK to splurge on the following!

1. An Extra Bartender

140613_WED_WeddingStock.jpg.CROP.promo-mediumlarge.jpg (590×421)

If you have over 125 people or an extra heavy drinking crowd. Even if you just plan on the extra bar tender for a portion of the wedding like from pre-ceremony beverages till the an hour after dinner (normally a 4 hour minimum) trust us your crowd will thank you for keeping the crowd at the bar moving.

2. Your Bouquet ( how often do you get to carry flowers?)

lfl-better-than-roses-01_detail.jpg (493×744)

Come on its your big day and you get to choose so don’t skimp on your bouquet.

3. The Best Photographer in Town

d3s_4771_sps2.jpg (400×600)

Photos are worth a 1,000 words and trust us you will thank us if you opt for the best photographer you can find.

4. The DJ

332266_10150346873554324_329142389323_8073746_1368202823_o.jpg (2048×1365)

And Music you cant wait to dance all night to for that matter!

5. Superfab shoes you can dance in all night.

330158_10150346795604324_329142389323_8072975_5310635_o.jpg (1366×2048)

If you are already set on super tall heels for the ceremony you aren’t sure you will be able to dance in make sure to plan for a second pair you can dance in.

Be Married, 

Creative Coordinators 


{Tuesday Tip} Talk to Your DJ

Here is a simple tip to help you keep the music you like going at your reception.


Talk to your Band or DJ before the wedding to discuss whether you are okay with song requests from guests and how to handle them. You don’t want to have to deal with it the night of the wedding or worse hear a song you can not stand over and over again.


Be Marry, 


{Vendor Love} Sound Garden Productions

Sound Garden Productions is a full service DJ company the provides incredible DJ’s with Flair and Personality. When you incorporate lighting and sound, with our Emcee talent, you will have an event people will remember and talk about for years to come.


We also stumbled across this photo of Imagery Concepts and Sound Garden, always a great sign to see two amazing vendors photographed together.


Give them a call for more information. (951) 367-7654