{Tuesday Tip} Follow the Signs!

We love fun, creative and custom signs at weddings. No matter if you make the signs, buy them or customize what you already have signs are a fabulous way to add a personal touch to any wedding festivity from the engagement party to the big day. We love signs so much that we will be showcasing some of our favorite signs we have stumbles across over the years all month long. Starting off with the sign that started it all and has been used over and over again and still one of our best ideas for a sign.


We created this sign for a wedding to not only direct the bride and bridal party to the correct location to get ready but to keep any onlookers out while the bride was getting ready. We found that the sign was so helpful that we often take it with us to use at all of the weddings we assist with. It often makes an appearance in wedding photos. So if you take the time to incorporate a fabulous sign make sure to tell you wedding photographer so they can catch a few photos of it in action.IMG_1160IMG_1164

What is your favorite wedding sign? You can share it with us over on Pinterest or Facebook or if you want your fabulous sign showcased on our blog you can email it to us directly at: ccwedblog@creativecoordinators.com

Be Marry, 



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