{Vendor Love} Sweet Creations By Judy

Sweet Creations by Judy is a one of a kind, custom, candy displays that can be seen at bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings. Judy Horn purchases one-of-a-kind candy to fit the clients party colors and theme. She has created several candy buffets at our facility for various clients and each one is always mouth watering to look at, visually appealing, and delicious of course.  In her own words Judy is, “The person at every event people love… who doesn’t love the candy lady?” Judy’s passion is candy buffets.

Candy buffets are a wonderful addition to weddings and special events, it is a way to say thank you to your guest by letting them pick out their candy. When choosing who will do your candy buffet keep a couple of things in mind. First, a candy buffet should always have an attendant to refill, keep clean, and to keep it looking good throughout the night. Second, if you are thinking about doing one yourself think about how many decorative containers you will have to buy, not to mention the candy. It takes hours to get the ribbons, labels, and accents just right. When booking a candy buffet or popcorn bar, remember booking earlier is better because I will only do one wedding per day. I strongly believe this is a special day and so I devote my full attention to you and your wedding.

When planing your wedding remember, have fun! Take time for yourself. Have a massage, go out with friends, have a nice dinner just you and your fiance and don’t talk wedding plans.

If you want to contact her before the showcase here is her information:

Sweet Creations by Judy




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