{Real Wedding Story} A Bride’s Story Leah & Jonathan, from Imagery Concepts

We are so excited to share an amazing story from Jonathan  & Leah from our friends over at

Imagery Concepts Photography.


  Jonathan & Leah,

They could have been high school sweet-hearts, going to the same school and all, but Jon & Leah didn’t actually discover each other on Myspace until right after Jon graduated (they were one year apart).  Leah just wanted to be friends because she had just gotten out of a relationship.  She told Jon that they could meet up with a group of people at the beach and see where their friendship would take them. Of course on the day they were going to the beach, all of their friends flaked and it was just the two of them!  A month went by of hanging out, then Jon asked Leah to be his girlfriend.  Of course she said yes, otherwise we wouldn’t be sharing their story!

If Leah could describe her dream man, Jon would be it to the “T” — looks and everything. The one thing that made her fall head-over-heels for him is when he would notice all of the little things that she would do for him.  Jon was attracted to everything about Leah. He noticed that even with his epilepsy, she was still going to stick by his side. He loves how caring she is and the huge amount of patience that she has been blessed with.

The proposal happened on their two-year dating anniversary in Vegas.  Leah knew something was going to happen, she just didn’t know when.  As they were walking down the Vegas strip, they stopped to watch the water show in front of the Bellagio.  At the end of the show, Leah started to walk away, but Jon grabbed her arm and asked her to wait.  Leah was getting ready to walk across the street, but when she turned to look at Jon, he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand.  The first thing that came out of Leah’s mouth was, “Did you ask my parents first?”  He replied yes, so she said yes!

From the proposal to the wedding, they waited three years.  They took the time to save up for their dream wedding.  After seeing multiple wedding venues, they chose Menifee Lakes Country Clubbecause they offered almost all of the same elements of a church wedding.  They absolutely loved having a courtyard atmosphere and the large double doors that would open for Leah to walk down the aisle to her groom.

The one thing that was extremely special to them about their wedding day was that Granny Smith was able to see her grandson get married.

Leah’s comments about her vendors:

“Our vendors were amazing!   Love our photographers!  Our DJ from Pro Weddings, was amazing too.  We had a minor problem with our DJ but he was more than happy to re-adjust the timeline of the evening to accommodate us. I love my bouquets from Details in Bloom.  The staff at Menifee Lakes was so helpful and made my day go smoothly.”

Leah’s advice to future brides:

“Always breathe, even when you walk down the aisle to your hubby.  Take time to take everything in on your beautiful day. Remember, it is all about you and your hubby!!! Most importantly, enjoy every second!!”

Venue –

Menifee Lakes Country Club


Michelle’s Bakery –


Florist –

Sharon Golden, Owner,

Details in Bloom

(951) 992-2929

Photographer –

Imagery Concepts Photography



Imagery Concepts Photography - 800 IC PHOTO

All Images and Content are the property of Imagery Concepts Photography


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