{Tuesday Tip} Don’t Lose Your Top

Are you going somewhere warm for your honeymoon? Make sure to bring a bikini and a one-piece for water sports and activities. You will thank us when you don’t have to worry about how you keep your adorable little bikini in place for all those fun water activities.

Here is a great list for packing for water sports we found from Bijou:

Honeymoon Packing List: Water Sports

If you’re going anywhere beachy for your honeymoon, there’s a good chance you’ll do some type of water sport. Snorkeling, surfing, sailing, scuba, whatever, you’re going to need some essentials.

  1. First up, is an adorable swim suit. This isn’t a wetsuit by any means, but I’m really liking the long sleeves.
  2. Water shoes are one of the ugliest articles of clothing ever, but they’ll protect your feet from sharp coral and pinching crabs.
  3. After you’re done enjoying the water, I’d suggest a full coverage cover-up to keep you warm when the sun goes down.
  4. Sunscreen! Nobody likes sunburns or skin cancer.
  5. A floating, waterproof bag is a great idea if you’re going on a boat.
  6. Underwater pictures are so fun, and at a few bucks pop for a waterproof disposable camera you can’t go wrong.
  7. Don’t forget a towel.

For for info and the full post follow the post below:



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