{Tuesday Tip} Wedding Planning is a must



Wedding Planning Is A Must


Weddings are  big events in our lives and there is a lot of things to think about from hiring vendors, to picking the perfect location, to who gets an invite. Many people ask what is the first thing you should plan and prepare for your wedding. Well first, you should really think about who you are going to invite that way you can find a location that fits the size of your wedding party. You don’t want to fall in love with a great location that only fits 75 and then start your guest list and end up with 200 people you have to invite.

Next, you should find the venue for the big day.  It’s best to start early becasuse the venue may already be booked on the  day you want to get married  if you do not  reserve it early. So before picking the perfect date and time think about where and when.

After you have your venue locked in, you officially have a wedding date and you can start filling in all the rest of the amazing details for you wedding like your dress, fittings, and alterations.

Remember, a little planning can go a long way and planning ahead will pay off in the end and help you get one step closer to that amazing wedding of your dreams.



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