{Tuesday Tip} Ceremony focal point

Brides magazine is definitely serving up wonderful tips in their November 2011 issue. We particularly liked the article about ceremony focal points and how you don’t need a generic, obvious, alter site. Instead, think outside the box and look for locations that offer towering trees, fountains, chandeliers, antique doors, and utilize their quirky charm to hold your ceremony.

We love this idea because many brides come in with the mind-set of “I need an altar …. I need … I need….”, when in reality all you really need is a nice location for the ceremony to take place. If you are choosing not to have your ceremony in a church, be creative and choose a location you love. This a wonderful opportunity for you to break tradition and pull it off magnificently. Plus, if you choose a large, focal point for your ceremony site it cuts down on your decorations. Think big cascading fountains, big oversized doors, and natures magical wonders. Clearly we are describing something we  see almost everyday, the courtyard ceremony site here at Menifee Lakes Country Club. We are lucky enough to have both the cascading fountain and grand over sized doors that appear generic and an everyday necessity you would otherwise disregard when thinking of a ceremony location. However, when you incorporate the chairs, the aisle runner, and fill it with your family and friends it becomes the perfect wedding location. Incorporate what your venue offers. Think big and think outside the box!

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