{Friday Find} You can always get it cheaper…

We stumbled upon a blog post from Sasha Souza an event designer and Hilary Smith her Blog Editor and daughter who created the Sparkliatti blog. It features  posts about the latest color trends, fashion, entertainment, and bridal tips.  We thought their post,  “You can Always Get it Cheaper” fit perfectly with the Tuesday Tip we posted this week about how to choose cheaper wedding days in order to work within a wedding budget. Sparkliatti’s post elaborates upon the tip we posted and we found it to be incredibly true, giggle worthy, and thought provoking. Follow the links below to view our Tuesday Tip post and Sparkliatti’s blog post. Enjoy!



ccwedblog Tuesday Tip “What day of week should you choose to have your wedding on?” : https://ccwedblog.wordpress.com/2011/11/01/tuesday-tip-wedding-day/




Sparkliatti “Let Me Clarify-You Can Always Get it Cheaper” :  http://blog.sparkliatti.com/2011/04/413/




Be Marry,





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