{Real Wedding Decorations} Baquero Reception

Gloria and Nelson’s wedding reception was held on Friday, October 14, 2011. The reception was intimate and included the couple’s families. The floral arrangements and decorations for the evening were provided by Gloria’s sister-in-law who did a wonderful job. We really liked the feather accent she incorporated into the floral arrangement on the head table.



Placed on center of the white, floor length linens were black napkins, tall, glass, vases that had a single, red, long-stemmed rose floating in a vat of water. Candles were placed around the centerpieces and were monogrammed with the couples name and embellished with a black and white pattern and jewels. The finishing touch to the table was the red, strewn, rose petals.



Placed at the head table were black, square vases with the patterned ribbon that was used on the candles. Red and white roses were utilized in the vases with the exclusion of the center arrangement that had a black feather accent in the center. In between the vases, a thick line of red rose petals were placed.



 4 tiers of white frosting accented with black ribbon, small black flowers, and embellished with dots and red roses was the perfect complement to the evening decorations.

Be Marry,

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