{Tuesday Tip} Wedding Garters



Wedding Garters




What is the significance of  wearing a garter on your wedding day? This was the debated question we discussed over the weekend. Which led us to investigate the matter further and find out why the garter, and the much-anticipated toss, has become a staple at wedding receptions.


At Medieval wedding’s, guests would steal a piece of the bride’s dress to bring fortune and good luck to their life. The poor bride’s of  this era probably walked around with tattered, remnants of their dress and constantly had to watch their back to be sure no one would snatch a piece of their dress. Eventually, one bride got fed up with having half of her dress intact and opted to give away one article she wore at the wedding  to a lucky guest, her garter.


Today, we practice the same tradition, with only one lucky gentleman receiving the garter and good luck.  Perhaps enough luck to make him the next gentleman to marry a beautiful bride?  The garter has taken a critical place amongst several other wedding day traditions, however the garter is far less methodical than the others. There is not a standard, traditional, leg to wear your garter on or a traditional color. Bride’s can purchase garters that feature the insignia of the groom’s favorite sports team or sparkly, Swaroski crystal garters. Whichever style you choose have fun with your garter toss!



Be Marry,



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