{Friday Find} Meaningful Table Numbers

Meaningful Table Numbers

This is such a fun idea and we can say we have never seen this done before. Table numbers with a meaning behind each number. Here are a few examples we came up with about the C&C Team that we thought would be fun:

1-year we have worked together

2-  blog posts we post each week {Tuesday Tip} and {Friday Find}

3-  maximum number of weddings we book in a weekend

4- average number of bridal shows we attend a year

5- what we like to give each other at the end of each event {high-five}

6- average number of times we meet with each bride before her Big Day

7- days each week one of us is in the office…. yup, everyday

8-  wedding related calls we receive each day

We will stop here before we get to carried away but you get the idea.

Be Marry,



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