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Jordan Almonds



No matter the color preference or traditions there always seems to be one item that shows up at weddings, Jordan Almonds. Whether displayed in elegantly wrapped bags of tulle, favor boxes, or candy buffets there always seems to be an abundance of Jordan Almonds at weddings. This led us to ponder several questions: Why are Jordan Almonds a staple at weddings?  Do several couples rank Jordan Almonds as their favorite candy? Are they a  traditional wedding favor, or a sweet treat that appeals to all palettes?


Well my friends we can ponder no longer. The answer to our question is this, Jordan Almonds are a traditional wedding favor.  The tradition dates back to medieval times when wealthy patrons would present their guests with mini bags filled with sugar. During the medieval era sugar was extremely expensive and when wedding attendants were presented with plentiful bags of sugar it gave guests the impression that the bride and groom were wealthy, high society figures. In the years that passed the sugar favor eventually evolved into what modern-day brides give away today, almonds covered in a sweet, candy coating. The symbolism behind the favor also developed into a much deeper meaning than wealth and now symbolizes both the sweetness and bitterness of marriage.


This leaves us with one more question regarding the Jordan Almond mystery; why are they given away in clusters of five? Five almonds are given to guests  to symbolize the five traits of a good marriage: health, wealth, longevity, fertility, and happiness. Who knew candy was so meaning full?


Now that we have discovered the real reason why these delicious candy treats appear at weddings we can’t help but like them even more. They have a romantic and deeply rooted meaning that bride’s across the world can’t help but include in their wedding.  



Be Marry,




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