{Real Wedding Decorations} Shindle Wedding

Friday, August 5, 2011 was a beautiful, wonderfully tempertaured day for the ceremony and reception of Adam and Teresa Shindle.

The tables featured black floor length linens, white napkins, and black chair covers with a white satin sash. Teresa created the center pieces and  bouquets herself and for the record this was her first experience with floral arrangements and she did a wonderful job. Flowers included white and pink roses, purple carnations, and baby’s breath that were placed in square vases with gel beads that illuminated purple and pink light from the mini LED lights placed in the center of the arrangements. Scattered around the vases were mini diamonds that made the table sparkle and shine when the candlelight and lights from the vases shined upon them. Teresa was up until 3am the day of her wedding putting the final detailed ribbons and final touches on the flowers. Placed at both ends of the head table were tall vases that featured a tall arrangement of purple carnations and baby’s breath.  






Head Table

The cake table featured a white two tiered cake with a thin purple swirl detail on the front. Placed beside the cake were two vases that featured candles around the base and accented by diamonds to add just enough sparkle to the table. The couple also had a dessert station to complement the cake which included: assorted cookies of oatmeal, chocolate chip, and m&m cookies, miniature cheesecake bites in raspberry white chocolate, chocolate, and original flavor, miniature red velvet mini cupcakes, brownie bites, and cream puffs.




Dessert Table



Reverend Charlie Thorn officiated the ceremony and included a personalized sand ceremony that included guest participation. At the guest book was a small heart vase that guests placed a scoop of multi colored sand into with a wish for Teresa and Adam. The heart vase represented the unity of their family and friends into one vessel. The vase was then used during the ceremony where Teresa and Adam added the final grains of sand. Also included on the sign in table was a small autograph plate that each guest signed and left a small message on.



Autograph Plate

The remainder of the evening was left for guest to dance and drink the night away. Best wishes to  Adam and Teresa!

Be Marry,



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