{Tuesday Tip}

Waist Adjusters


This tip is for the gentleman. . . if you are concerned about your tuxedo pants being ill fitted on the day of your wedding fear not, there is a solution, waist adjusters. The majority of tuxedo pants come equipped with small adjustable waist strap that allows you to adjust the fit of your pants to a comfortable, suitable size. 


The Adjuster in Action


Waist adjusters are a small, short, strip of fabric with a small clasp, similar to a buckle, that allows gentlemen to synch your pants. The waist adjusters are located on the side of tuxedo pants right above the opening to the front pockets. If you place your hands on your hips the waist adjusters are right below your fingertips and will not be visible once you put on a belt. Now gentleman, when you place your order for pants do give them your true waist size especially if you run out of time to get a proper waist measurement. Don’t be afraid to ask for a larger size because then you can use the waist adjusters to make your pants an inch or two smaller. These are not your typical everyday jean fit so do be aware of the odd fit and fashion.



Be Marry,




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