Wedding Websites


Have you heard of or visited a personalized wedding website? Until recently we didn’t know exactly what these sites were. We assumed they were sites that couples created to announce their engagement and share photos. After hearing the  buzz about  these customized sites we decided to learn more and find the true purpose behind wedding websites.


Wedding websites are usually created by engaged couples who wish to keep their family and friends up to date on wedding planning. Couples can purchase customized domains sites that offer basic tools to upload music, post polls, direct guests to your registry, and upload photos and videos.  Whether you purchase a site or create your own, via facebook, you are able to share your stories and add fun tid bits about the wedding planning extravaganza.  Do keep in mind that whichever site you choose their will be maintenance and periodic login’s needed in order to view comments and threads guests leave.


Once guests have logged on to your page they can view your registry, RSVP, learn about your venue and reception site, view photo galleries, and learn about you and your fiancé. Every site is different and offers various features so its best to familiarize yourself with what you want and how you plan on utilizing the tools provided.  When it comes time to post on your site be cautious of what sneak peeks you wish to share before the wedding and what you feel should be left  as a surprise on the big day. You want to entice and impress them with your ideas and still leave big reveals during the wedding. Afterall, you want to see their expressions!


We were impressed with sites that offered planning tools in your  package. A few sites offer checklists and programs to assist you when it come time to meet those dreaded deadlines. We loved the program that helped you create a seating chart and the guest list tracker that helped you keep tally of guest who have RSVP. One site even offered a way to help you keep track of payments and monitor your spending so you stay within your allotted budget.  Programs like this make us favor wedding websites even more. Rather than whip up your own spreadsheet or seating chart you have one at your fingertips and it’s all in one window!


Wedding websites may very well be the new form of wedding communication. You get to share up to the minute, breaking, wedding planning information, and receive links about centerpieces, cakes, dresses, and venues from family and friends who know your personal preferences best.  In other words, you get personalized help with photos and links to websites right at your fingertips. We can’t help but like wedding website more and more. You get opinions from the people you trust the most and when all is said and done, you get to stun your guests with the final outcome.


So that leaves us with one final question, what do you do with your site once the wedding is over? The majority of wedding sites will keep your wedding page up for 24 months but you can pay to have it up for an extended amount of time . If you thoroughly enjoyed the wedding site why not extend the site’s life and post adventures about the next chapter of your life? Maybe you will help create the next fad site.



Be Marry,



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