{Real Wedding Decorations} Reinhart Wedding

Let’s give a big round of applause to Jessica! She planned her July 15th nuptials in less than two weeks while remaining cool and collected throughout the process. The couple was previously married during a small civil ceremony but wanted to celebrate their marriage with family and friends before they moved away. They had Reverend Judy DeMarco marry them once again in a sweet, heartfelt, twelve-minute ceremony complete with an honor guard. Jessica had white floor length linen draped on the tables that were complimented by peach napkins and peachy toned floral arrangements. Each guest received a pink box filled with candy at their place setting. 





Party Favors

Party Favors

Believe it or not the flowers on the cake were hand-made using fondant. We thought they were decorative flowers until Jessica mentioned that her baker was up til 4am putting the final touches on them. The cake was chocolate with chocolate ganache (bride and groom’s favorite) and raspberry with chocolate.


The highlite of the nite was the mother, son dance. The groom wanted to cut the song short because he felt it was going to be “awkward”.  As the bride and her father took the dance floor Kyle started dancing with his mom playfully. He danced her around the dance floor once and then felt he was done. He started dancing towards the door yelling “bye”. His goofy side truly came out when he danced his mom out the door. It was funny to see mom’s head slowly disappearing out the door.

Congratulations to Kyle and Jessica! You were wonderful to work with and best wishes on your new ventures.

Be Marry,



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