{Vendor Love} Bride’s Story By Imagery Concepts Photography

A heartfelt story behind the amazing photos of Hilary and Evan’s wedding. It is a must read! The story comes directly from one our favorite vendors blog, Imagery Concepts’ A Brides Story . They are a husband & wife team “offering dual perspective with an exciting blend of romantic, candid and photojournalist qualities.”  


Evan & Hilary


Now here’s a couple that were destined to be together since the very beginning of their lives…too bad they just didn’t know it at the time!  They first met in pre-school, but soon after, Hilary moved away.  Then when Hilary was 7 yrs., her mom purchased a home just two doors down from where Evan lived– complete random chance!

Evan is a brilliant guy (he’s a physics engineer), but a bit shy when growing up and never talked to Hilary.  High school and college years go by, and even then, still no communication.

On Mother’s Day in 2008 (when they were in their early 20’s), Hilary went to visit her mom and noticed Evan outside his mom’s house.  She went over to say “hi” and soon discovered through their conversation that they were both living in Huntington Beach; literally 5 minutes away from each other! They exchanged phone numbers and thought about hanging out sometime (as “friends” of course!).   After Evan tried twice to text Hilary, each without an answer, he just gave up.  Then one night while Hilary was hanging out with a girlfriend at a bar, she sent Evan a text to see if he wanted to come over.   Literally within 15 minutes, Evan shows up with 5 of his friends!  After that night, they got together “as friends” quite a bit.  One night, Evan went along with Hilary’s whole family to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner and surprised everyone by paying the entire bill.  That’s when the “light-bulb” turned on for Hilary that she should give this guy some serious thought!

Hilary is definitely a “take charge” kind of girl and doesn’t mess around.   They were getting very serious and Evan was getting ready to make some career decisions.  As Hilary put it, “I didn’t want to be the girl who follows her boyfriend from state to state, then eventually gets dumped and has to find a way back home.”  So she basically said that they needed to get married.  To her great surprise, Evan agreed without over-analyzing it like he does with everything!   Before you know it, Hilary had a ring made and a 7-day cruise booked (yes, she was planning her proposal too!).  All Evan had to do was propose anytime he wanted during their cruise.  Days went by and still no proposal; Evan took his own sweet time!  Finally, on the 6th day of the cruise, Evan “secretly” attended a “Build-A-Bear” class on the ship.  When he returned to their room, he made Hilary leave.   He tidied up the room, changed into nice clothes, told her to come in and then pushed the button on the Build-A-Bear and she heard his recorded voice ask her to marry him.  So, although she didn’t get to watch him say the words “Will you marry me?” she can hear him ask the big question over and over to her heart’s content with a simple push of a button!

 Evan & Hilary enjoyed their beautiful wedding at Menifee Lakes Country Club.  Instead of a sit-down dinner, they chose to have variety of yummy appetizer stations so that their guests could mingle and interact.  Their cake was designed and created by Jodee’s Bakery and everyone danced the night away with music played by Tijuana Dogs (great band choice by her dad Sam!).

Hilary chose purple as her color– “cool” purple that is!   She was referred to Imagery Concepts by a nearby bridal boutique where she found “THE” dress (or so she thought!).  This is a whole story in itself, but to make a long story short, Hilary cut out a bunch of pictures of wedding dresses and asked Evan to pick his favorites.  She did this several times and of course he never picked her dress.  Needless to say, she learned he didn’t care for the dress she chose (he didn’t even have the slightest clue that she already bought it).  Needless to say, she now owns two wedding dresses!

Evan and Hilary are currently living in New Jersey.  Evan is doing fabulous in his career and Hilary is going back to school.  Her sister Jillian recently hired us for her upcoming wedding next May 18th,  (which is our wedding anniversary too!)

 Hilary’s advice to future brides is simply this –

“Don’t micro-manage.  Hire the absolute best vendors you can possibly find and let them do what they do best.  This way, you can relax and everything will turn out far better than you could have managed anyway!”










  Troy and I are so grateful to have met you guys and we look forward to seeing the entire family again at your sister’s wedding next May!


For futher information about the amazing duo visit:



Facebook:  www.facebook.com/imageryconcepts

Blog: http://abridesstory.com/

Phone: 800 IC PHOTO




Be Marry,

C& C


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