{Real Wedding Decorations} Bourque Wedding

Enjoy our new category: Decorations. The C&C team will post photos of centerpieces and decorations from wedding and repetions held at our faciltiy, Menifee Lakes Country Club.

We decided to create this category to assist brides during the planning process. Prospective brides always wonder what other brides have used for centerpieces and decorative accents for the reception site. Check back periodically and marvel at the creativity and beauty each couple creates for their wedding day.

Our first photos come from Alec & Renee  Bourque’s wedding on March 27, 2011. They used full, brightly hued arragnements in varying heights, with crystal accents . They were hand made by the groom’s mother and her best friend.

For future brides that  plan on doing your own decorations remember to plan ahead!  They purchaed their flowers 2 days before so they didn’t not have to get up early to assembly them. Allow yourself twice as much time as you think it may take to assembly decorations so you don’t feel rushed the day of the wedding and so you have plenty of time to get ready.






Be Marry,


C&C Team


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