Wedding Day Emergency Kit

It’s the day of your wedding, everything has finally come together. It’s time to marry your best friend and celebrate with your closest family members and friends. You’ve gotten your hair and makeup done, your dress fits like a glove, your bridal party is keeping you calm in the final hours before the wedding, and you feel picture perfect. What could go wrong? All brides would assume nothing, but what’s life without a little bump in the road? It’s always best to be over prepared then under prepared. Therefore, on the day of your wedding there are a few select items you should pack incase of a mishap.

Our Mini ER Kit


Items that will benefit you should something go array include but are not limited too:

Tylenol or Aspirin

Comfortable Shoes (ahhhh, relief)






Lip Balm

Breath Mints

Nail File

Tampons or Pads

Hair Pins

Safety Pins

Touch up Make Up

Vendor Contact List

Needle and Thread

A small snack

Feel free to make your own with all the necessities you may need. You can even purchase pre-made emergency kits online for $35-$99.

A more advanced Emergency kit may include:


Double Stick Tape

Crayons (to keep the kids entertained)

Full Sewing Kit

Allergy Medicine

Small First Aid Kit

Nail Polish Remover

Zip Ties




Boutonniere pins




Be Marry,

C & C Team


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