{Wedding Story} Riley Wedding

Here is our first Menifee Lakes Wedding Story!

We submitted a questionnaire to past Menifee Lakes Country Club brides to get a first hand account of their planning process from the engagement, to the walk down the  aisle for future brides to look at during their planning process. We complied questions about the engagement, planning, vendors, color schemes, cake, as well as highlites from the day. Look for future wedding stories to come!!

Our first comes from Kimberly Riley. She had her ceremony and reception on June 6, 2010.


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Kimberly Riley’s Menifee Lakes Country Club Wedding Story 

Their first kiss as man and wife

Once upon a time . . . .

How did you meet?

I was hanging out with my friend and we had stopped to get gas at AMPM. My husband pulled up in his truck and his brother came over to introduce himself. Turns out, he knew my friend so we went to hang out at his house. My husband and I hit it off immediately and thus our love story continues…

Describe the proposal.

It was a romantic Football Sunday afternoon (heck I don’t even think it was noon yet) and we went to RJ’s Sizzling Steer in Murrieta to watch the games with some friends. While getting snockered off of drinks and shots we decided to have an in-depth conversation about having kids. My husband, Brian, stated he did not want to have kids after he was thirty and I told him I was not even thinking of kids until we were married. Then he said,

“Well let’s go get one then!”

And so on November 1, 2009, with designated driver on hand of course, I picked out my beautiful engagement ring from Zales, with a shirt that read “Beer’s cold, I’m Hot” and managed to remember it all the next morning!

Your Fairytale come true . . .


What personal touches did you incorporate into your wedding?

Our song ended up becoming “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC. It was playing the night we came home from my parent’s house to tell them the news about the engagement (also when Brian asked my dad if it was okay).

After that, and several other occasions, the song  just stuck so we decided to use it as our first dance. We also share a love of music and walked down the aisle to less traditional songs from the Foo Fighters, Nora Jones and Bob Marley. Menifee Lakes was also very accommodating in letting us decorate the reception and ceremony areas how we wished.

 ♥What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Dancing with my dad, and seeing Brian’s eyes get a little teary-eyed, and making his brother cry! (in a good way)

What Menu did you choose?

The Italian menu, if I remember correctly. I was the bride, I barely ate! LOL but I was told by many of the guests how good the food was!

Describe your cake.

3 tier-traditional white , with a scroll design,  and a ribbon with our bridesmaid’s dress color around it. Also, I found a monogrammed R to go on top of it. Frosting was butter cream, inside was white cake with vanilla almond custard. Supplied by Sweet Layers!

What flowers did you use?

Dark red, almost black roses, orchids and dahlias. They were beautiful! Supplied by Fiore Wholesale Flowers-Stephanie is awesome down there!!

What was your something blue, borrowed, old, new

Something blue was my undies.

Something old was my first diamond ring my dad bought me for high school graduation.

Something new was my jewelry I wore.

Something borrowed was a paperclip my flower girl threw down my dress, that she gave to me, but wanted back after I was done with it.

Describe your shoes.

Flat, white sandals, with a strap around the ankle that had a white flower on it.

What accessories did you wear?

Diamond stud earrings, a 50’s style glamour necklace, a thin bracelet, and a birdcage veil with two white flowers in my hair.

Describe your dress.

All white, strapless, form-fitting, chapel train

What were the highlights of your ceremony?

  My dad giving me away, kissing my husband, and waiting for my brother-in-law to fall into the planter because he had too much to drink beforehand.

Did you have any vendor or D.J. highlights?

I had the most amazing vendors! DJ played all the right songs, and my photographer is by far the BEST!! Courtney from Fairytale Creations photography!

Did you have a theme for your ceremony or reception?

No set theme except to have fun, be laid back, and enjoy our friends and family!

Your Happily Ever After . . .

 Almost been a year now, no kids in our plans for the future, but you never know. We are enjoying adjusting to married life. What is his is mine and what is mine is mine, I am still trying to teach him that HAHA! The fun part is being able to use his last name, although I will NEVER change my name again!

It’s a wonderful life!


One thought on “{Wedding Story} Riley Wedding

  1. What a nice story. All brides are beautiful on their wedding day but you were exceptional. Brian looked handsome and together you make a awesome couple. Wishing you both the best ever. Love you both.

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