3 Places to Find Great Vendors


Bridal shows are the best place to find vendors. If you don’t know what a bridal show is, you are missing out ! Bridal Shows make planning a bit easier for the bride and groom because they are cost-effective ( some are free and some are only a few dollars for admission ) and they give couples access to a wide array of vendors. The average bridal show has about 15-500 vendors who up sell their talents and services to you with fun activities and raffles in hopes of  winning  gowns, honeymoons, or discounted rates from attending vendors.  Bridal Shows also give brides a sneak peak of the new trends in bridal gowns, flower arrangements, party favors, color schemes, and fun creative activities to throw into the mix like photo booths, caricature artists, and entertainers. Numerous couples walk into bridal shows with no vendors and walk out with almost all of them. That’s why it’s a shock to hear that some brides stray away from the bridal show circuit. Some brides do so because they feel the environment will be overwhelming. The fear they will be hassled by vendors to use their services. Future bridal show attendees, I offer you this piece of advice, walk into the showcase knowing you’re going to have fun and be excited every time you turn the corner. Each vendor creates a booth to get your attention and pull you in to ask about their services. It’s like visiting them at their facility. Plus, you get to sample cakes, make silly faces in the photo booths, play around in the makeup chair with a professional, get certificates for discounted services, and sit front row at a fashion show.

If your still a little over whelmed by bridal shows try a smaller show first. We host an annual bridal showcase that is generally limited to about 20 vendors highlighting three locally preferred vendors in  categories ranging from, photography, florists, bakeries, fashion, Dj’s and many more. The Menifee Lakes Country Club Bridal Showcase is a nice, quaint gathering of local vendors showcasing their services.


The Internet

It’s free, convenient, and fast! The internet allows you to be a spy! You can pull up a vendors page to see photos, gather information about them, and see their creative side. By browsing  their page you can quickly single out if they are what you’re looking for. I still recommend setting up appointments and meeting vendors before booking, but this is a great place to start your search. Many pages have comments or links from past brides so you can read up on what they favored and disliked about the services provided. You can do all of this in your spare time! No commuting, no appointments, no conversing.



Not only do they have vendor advertisement pages with brightly colored fonts and images popping out to get your attention, they also spotlight vendors. They have articles about the vendors and detail a whole event with photos  and a description of the thought process behind their creation.


What’s truly great about all the places to find vendors is they all inter mix with each other. You can’t have a magazine without vendors, just like you can’t have a bridal show without vendors and advertisement. It’s a whole bridal world! Each offering advice, ideas, and opportunities.




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