Welcome to the C&C Blog!

First off, we would like to give a background on the fabulous blog writers and why we will be posting photos and tips regarding all things weddings.

Christa is our Events Coordinator. She has been the lead coordinator for 4 years and took her first steps into the industry when she was 3 1/2 years old at a family wedding.


Christa's first steps into the industry!


Christa has a certificate in professional meeting and event planning, which she planned to pursue until she was given the opportunity to assist a wedding coordinator. When she’s not coordinating weddings, she enjoys scrapbooking the millions upon zillions of photos she’s taken, lounging at the beach, or just reading a good book.

Christina is the assistant to the wedding and events department. She enjoys learning as much as she can from each wedding and from an experienced coordinator like Christa.  Christina likes the creative aspects of wedding planning and working with the brides because each bride is different when it comes to planning, ideas, and execution. Over the course of planning she likes watching their hopes and dreams flourish into a romantic realm for their wedding day.

The C&C team (which could also be an acronym for creative coordinators and Christa and Christina *wink* *wink*) has been working together for a year. We have created this blog to document the amazing weddings we have been lucky enough to partake in and to offer advice and tips to future brides. We have a job that maybe 98% of the time is extremely happy, memorable, and an ideal day. Its fun, ever-changing, never dull, rewarding, and we are grateful that bride’s allow us to play a role in the beginning of their life together.


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